Measuring Wheel GWM 40 Professional

The robust measuring wheel for jobsite use

Technical data
Additional data
Wheel diameter (circumference) 389.1 mm (1.22 m)  
Max. measured value 9999.99 m  
Handle Folding  
Material Steel  
Measurement accuracy ± 5 cm/100 m  
Weight 3.3   kg


The robust measuring wheel for jobsite use

  • High stability and long life
  • 6-digit counter, easy-to-read and impact-resistant
  • Easy pushbutton reset


GWM 40 Measurement Maximum measured value 9999.9 m
GWM 40 Diameter 40 cm Wheel diameter 40 cm
GWM 40 Yardage 1.23 m Circumference 1.23 m
GWM 40 Weight 3.3 kg Weight 3.3 kg
What’s Included in this Package
with Protective Bag
with Protective Bag
Order number: 0 601 074 100
  • Protective Bag
The GWM 40 in action!
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