What is a Bosch Advisor?

Do you need a new tool? Unsure of how to use a power tool? Or are you simply looking for a specific tool to match your budget? Then look no further!

Our Bosch Advisors are there to support you find the right tool that fits your job and your budget. Approach them in your market where they can show you how to use Bosch Power Tools products and where to buy them.

The roles of the Bosch Advisors include:

Our Brand Ambassadors: Bosch Advisors represent our brand, offerings and values . They provide you with the necessary information about our tools, their features & prices They can also help you with our after sales services.

Your Mentors : They ensure you get the best training on tools’ usage and maintenance for longer and better use. From them you will learn everything you need to know about Bosch Power Tools.

Your consultants : Feel free to ask them about anything: tool delivery, pickup and order tracking . Our advisors are always by your side to help, advise and guide you . Do not hesitate to reach out to them for any request or information.

What range of tools do they carry?
 What range of tools do they carry?

Bosch Professional is a wide range of products that combines the Bosch quality and technology with accessibility and affordability - Professional power tools that fit your job and your budget!

Bosch Professional power tools are carried by the Bosch Advisors and are also available at your nearest Bosch Authorized Dealer. Discover Quality Made Affordable here.

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