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Professional power tools for construction work

For high-volume jobs in construction you need teammates you can count on even in the toughest of work challenges. Choose Bosch Professional cordless heavy duty tools, which, with their power and durability, and combined with the right accessories, will become indispensable members of your team.

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Drilling in concrete

Be it drilling holes in hardened concrete or breaking it, Bosch Professional rotary hammers with the right accessories excel at these kinds of applications. Our heavy-duty range includes the perfect teammates for when you need the power, performance, and durability to simplify your tough work. When in need for free movement, choose the cordless models! To reduce the health risks connected to the fine dust becoming airborne, attach the tools to our dust extraction solutions which work directly where the dust is created.

Cutting & grinding with small angle grinders

If you are in an industry that requires multiple applications, our Bosch Professional small angle grinders are the right choice for you. Regardless of the power source, be it cordless or corded, our angle grinders have enough power to perform cutting and grinding, with additional useful features:

  • Speed control for grinding and finishing of sensitive and high-cost materials like stainless steel and other alloys
  • X-LOCK innovation allows you to switch between various grinding and cutting applications within seconds by changing accessories easier and faster
  • Safety features like KickBack Control prevent operator injuries in case the tool is jammed or Drop Control for when the tool is dropped

Be it cutting or grinding, we offer a wide variety of versatile angle grinders for professional users:

Dust extraction

Although the use of respiratory protective equipment is essential during construction work, it is only the second line of protection. It is vital that you do everything you can to radically reduce the amount of dust in the air. The dust extraction solutions in the Bosch Professional range effectively prevent even fine dust invisible to the naked eye from becoming airborne. They can be connected to many compatible Bosch Professional tools and work directly where the dust is created.


Be it demanding applications requiring high torque and robustness or working with small diameters in hard-to-reach places, Bosch Professional provides a wide variety of the right tools and accessories for your construction work related applications.

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