Heat guns

GHG 180 Professional

Heat Gun

Keep up the heat without missing a beat!

  • Powerful: 1800 W with a 3-stage temperature selection at 60/350/550C for various applications
  • Durable: Tested at Bosch standards to ensure 500 hrs of continuous operation
  • 100% safe: Overheat protection to ensure user is safe in case of airflow blockage

Functions & key features

Best work results with speed pre-selection Best work results with speed pre-selection for applications requiring material-specific speed
Best work results with constant speed thanks to electronic regulation of speed - even under load
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GHG 180 Professional 0 601 94D 0L0

GHG 180 Professional

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GHG 180

Order number: 0 601 94D 0L0

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Technical data

Additional data

Rated input power 1800 W
Voltage, electrical 230 V
Weight 0.75 kg
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