18 Volt system

GLI 18V-300 Professional

Cordless Jobsite Light

GLI 18V-300
GLI 18V-300

Brightness and safety, wherever you work

  • Bright with 6 powerful LEDs
  • Flexible to use: Hold, hang or make it stand
  • Low energy consumption: 5 hours of continuous light per Ah
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GLI 18V-300 Professional 0 601 4A1 100

GLI 18V-300 Professional

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GLI 18V-300

Order number: 0 601 4A1 100

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Technical data

Additional data

Luminous flux 300 lm
Weight excl. battery 0.3 kg
Battery voltage 14.4–18 V
Weight incl. battery 0.6 kg
Max. operating time 14.4 V 250 mins/Ah
Max. operating time 18 V 300 mins/Ah

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