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HSS Countersink Bit Set, Cylindrical Shank

HSS Countersink Bit Set, Cylindrical Shank

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HSS Countersink Bit Sets, Cylindrical Shank

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The HSS Countersink Bit, Cylindrical Shank performs smooth countersinking for screws and deburring of holes in soft materials. The ground countersink is made of HSS (high-speed steel) that offers an optimum surface quality for even work in pliable surfaces. Excellent results in soft materials are made possible by five 90-degree cutting edges that continuously work free of chattering and without leaving burrs. It is suitable for use on wood, plastics and non-ferrous metals and has a cylindrical shank system.

HSS Countersink Bit Set, Cylindrical Shank

Product range

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1 Available product variations
Part number Total length mm Shank diameter mm Pack quantity
2 608 596 667
50 6 / 8 3 Pcs

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