As robust as they are precise

Inspired by you: Robust measuring tools from Bosch Professional.
Measuring technology impact resistance

impact resistance

Extreme conditions on the construction site are no problem for your measuring tools.
They are so robust that they survive falls and bumpy transport routes undamaged.
This means that you can concentrate completely on the job at hand. This not only saves you stress, but also saves you time and money.

"I need a tool that can fall off the workbench every now and then and still work just fine." Lukas, carpenter

ABS housing with shock-absorbing rubber casing
ABS housing with shock-absorbing rubber casing
Stabilising rib design
Stabilising rib design
Button and display protection
Button and display protection
Durable silicone keypad
Durable silicone keypad
Measuring technology water and dust protection

Water & dust protection

Our measuring tools are protected against splashing water and dust, and can be used indoors or outdoors in all weather conditions. You can therefore also use our tools when wearing wet and dirty gloves, and clean them without any problems. This saves time and repair costs.

"We cannot let the weather dictate how we work. Our tools have to withstand water, dust and dirt." Thomas, landscaping

Waterproof adhesive bonds
Waterproof adhesive bonds
Seamless rubber seal between the housing shells
Seamless rubber seal between the housing shells
Sealed USB port
Sealed USB port
Sealed USB port
Silicone seals on mechanical switches
Precise measuring technology

Impressive accuracy

Our measuring tools are not only extremely robust, they are also absolutely precise. We guarantee this, on the one hand, thanks to our high-performance sensors and, on the other hand, thanks to the function check that is carried out on all measuring tools at the end of the manufacturing process. With our robust and precise measuring tools, you are therefore perfectly equipped to work as precisely as possible.

"Our tools must withstand a lot but also have to deliver exact results!" Christian, drywall builder

Function test at the end of the manufacturing process
Final tool test
Function tests under extreme conditions
Function tests under extreme conditions
Advanced calibration procedure
Advanced calibration
Highest certified manufacturing standards
Highest certified manufacturing standards


Hardness tests passed

You can rely on our measuring tools because they are tested in standardised procedures and under extreme conditions. You can therefore rely on them even under tough construction site conditions.

Despite this, we recommend that you carry out an accuracy check before continuing work if the measuring tool has been subjected to severe external influences.

Bosch measuring tools drop test

Drop test

In our drop test, the tools are dropped onto a hard concrete surface from different heights and in different directions.
In doing so,we are assuming the worst-case scenario and we let our tools fall specifically onto sensitive areas – repeatedly.

Splashing water and dust protection IP test

Splashing water and dust protection

All measuring tools have at least IP54 protection, which means that the tools are protected against damaging levels of dust and against splashing water from any direction.
The GRL 600 CHV Professional rotary laser, which is also primarily used outdoors, even has protection class IP68, meaning that it is also protected against larger volumes of water.

Measuring technology temperature test

Temperature test

Our tools should work correctly and precisely even under extreme conditions.
During the tests in the climatic chamber, the respective tool is enclosed at sub-zero temperatures and at extremely hight temperatures for many hours. The measuring tool is then tested to ensure that it is fully functional.

Measuring tools vibration test

Vibration test

In order to test the effect of vibrations on the measuring tool, we carry out a vibration test.
In this test, the tool is clamped onto a vibrating plate in various directions and is shaken for two hours. We can therefore guarantee that your measuring tools are also fully protected during transport.


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