Measuring has never<br/> been that easy!

Measuring has never
been that easy!

GLM 50 C Professional

Would you rather be Marcel or Leo?
Would you rather be Marcel or Leo?

The story of Marcel or Leo gives a short overview of the typical users’ profiles in our markets. While some users still make use of traditional methods (Marcel) to work, others have chosen to upgrade their tools and use modern technologies to solve different problems (Leo). With the use of Bosch Measuring Tools, Leo was able to solve different construction challenges, quicker, easier and more accurately saving time and money.

Our Bosch Professional Measuring Tools have been designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your everyday work, and resist rough conditions on the job site. Almost all measuring tools have at least IP54 protection, which means that the tools are protected against damaging levels of dust and against splashing water from any direction.

The Bosch Thermal Camera GTC 400 C Professional GTC 400 C Professional, Leo is using offers you a precise overview of differences in temperature, which are presented in an easily understandable manner via a colour-coded representation. It is perfectly complemented by the free GTC Transfer Software, which allows you to edit and document thermal images in greater detail.

The GLM 50 C Professional Laser Measure is the smart solution for measuring and documenting surroundings, even outdoors. It comes with a digital viewfinder with zoom function, which allows for precision while measuring large distances, outdoors and in complex surroundings.

To achieve optimal visibility for indoors and line transfers, the GLL 3-80 G Professional GLL 3-80 G Professional Line Laser comes in highly recommended. With its bright green laser lines, it offers up to four times better visibility than red lines.

Did you enjoy this story?

Did you enjoy this story?

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