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Professional power tools for metalworking

When working with metal, you need durability, power and quality. No matter if cutting, grinding, drilling or fixing, with the right combination of tools and accessories Bosch Professional offers a proper solution for your applications.

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Metal cutting

No metal cutting job is the same. Bosch Professional offers a fitting solution for various applications with a specialised selection of tools and accessories. We have the right tools for you if you perform many cuts or need precision, both in production or during a construction job.

Cutting & grinding with small angle grinders

If you are in an industry that requires multiple applications within one production process, our Bosch Professional small angle grinders are the right choice for you. Regardless of the power source, be it cordless or corded, our angle grinders have enough power to perform cutting and grinding and additional useful features:

  • Speed control for grinding and finishing of sensitive and high-cost materials like stainless steel and other alloys
  • X-LOCK innovation allows you to:
    switch between various grinding and cutting applications within seconds by changing accessories easier and faster
  • Safety features like KickBack Control prevent operator injuries in case the tool is jammed or Drop Control for when the tool is dropped

Grinding with large angle grinders

Grinding metal creates a harsh environment which requires additional protection for the user and the tool. Bosch Professional offers many smart solutions in our large angle grinders to help users in demanding jobs and guarantee a longer lifetime and reliable performance.

Drilling and fixing

Be it demanding applications requiring high torque and robustness or working with small diameters in hard-to-reach places, Bosch Professional provides a wide variety of the right tools and accessories for your metalworking applications.

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Metalworking is hard on you and your tools, but high-quality accessories can vastly improve efficiency. Work faster, better and for longer, with Bosch Professional.

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