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Bosch angle grinders are durable and powerful, helping you achieve smooth cuts and finishes across a range of materials. Whether you’re grinding stone, metal, concrete, tiling, or brick, you can rely on our angle grinders for exceptional results.

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Angle Grinders - Strong and Versatile for the Toughest Applications

Discover the Key Features of Bosch Angle Grinders

Bosch angle grinders offer exceptional performance when cutting, grinding, and polishing a variety of different materials. This is thanks to high-tech features, such as:

  • Ergonomic Design: Our angle grinders are lightweight, compact, and cordless. Most models, like our electric right angle die grinders, only weigh a couple of kilograms, which makes them ideal for intricate cutting work on benchtops and in hard-to-reach places.
  • Safety Technology: All Bosch angle grinders are designed with the operator’s safety in mind. The PROtection switch and Drop Control features reduce workplace accidents with innovative sensors that cut the tool’s power before an injury occurs.
  • Cordless Power Delivery: Although you can still find corded models in our catalogue, the Bosch 18V battery packs in our cordless models can deliver optimum grinding power equal to the best corded appliances.

Top Angle Grinders in the Bosch Range

There are several types of angle grinders in the Bosch catalogue, each suited to a different purpose. Large angle grinders are more appropriate for cutting through heavy-duty materials like concrete slabs, while smaller models are better suited to grinding and polishing metallic surfaces. Here are some of our most popular tools:

  • GWX 18V-15 PSC: This small angle grinder uses BITURBO technology to deliver immense grinding power. It’s a lightweight and cordless model, but it offers high-performance grinding equal to 1,500 W of corded power.
  • GWS 22-230 P: With a PROtection switch for improved safety, this corded angle grinder delivers 2,200 W of grinding power. It’s durable and robust thanks to enhanced contact between the motor and carbon brushes.
  • GWX 18V-7: This model lets you change accessories quickly with its compact design and X-LOCK technology. It has a disc diameter of 115 mm and delivers grinding power equal to 700 W, giving you a versatile yet mighty cutting tool.

Angle Grinders: Versatile Cutting Tools

Whether you’re a builder or a carpenter, a metalworker or a plumber, lugging a huge toolbox everywhere slows you down and reduces your work efficiency. With a Bosch angle grinder, you can perform multiple functions with one tool, helping you carry out several different jobs without switching appliances. For example, rotary grinders are ideal for removing welding seams and raised notches on metals.

Angle grinders are ideal for metalworking, construction, demolitions, renovations, and even emergency rescues. They can carve their way through the toughest of materials, thanks to the high-powered metallic disc that, in some models, can rotate at speeds of up to 13,000 RPM. Smaller angle grinders give you exceptional control when grinding corners, edges, and other intricate parts, while larger models help you create curved cuts for construction projects.

Whether you’re working with wood, stone, or metal, our angle grinders can be fitted with a range of accessories to suit your needs. Wire brushes can be attached to clean, sand, deburr, and polish metal surfaces, while cutting discs with diamond-tipped teeth help you saw through hard materials like piping and masonry walls.

While the cutting discs are extremely robust, you are always assured of safe use. The Drop Control feature automatically switches the tool off when the built-in sensors detect that the tool has been dropped.

Why Buy Angle Grinders Directly from Bosch?

The smartest option is to buy your angle grinders directly from the Bosch online catalogue. Here’s why:

  • Offers & Promotions: Take advantage of our exclusive special offers to save money on high-quality tools.
  • Access to Customer Support: With our direct phone and email support, we can get you the help you need quickly in case of any questions or issues.
  • Quality Guaranteed: When you buy from Bosch, you know you’re getting the best-quality tools. They also come with exclusive warranties, but only when you buy direct from us.

Shop Bosch Angle Grinders Today!

Buy a Bosch electric angle grinder today for all your grinding, cutting, and polishing needs! Here are the most important factors to consider when purchasing an angle grinder:

  • Rated input power
  • Output power
  • Disc rotation speed
  • Disc diameter
  • Bore size
  • Weight

Discover the ultimate range of angle grinders for top tradespeople in the Bosch catalogue. From small angle grinders to large industrial models, shop high-performance power tools today!

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