Out of responsibility towards the environment – beyond the lifetime of the product

Information on recycling power tools

Bosch is registered with a compliance scheme as required by the WEEE regulations (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). Our registration number is WEEE/CK0085VZ.

1. Disposal of WEEE classified products

Waste electrical and electronic equipment does not belong in unsorted/general household waste, as such all our relevant products have a symbol of a crossed-out dustbin. These specially marked products should be taken to public waste management bodies (e.g. recycling depots). The above process also covers product that incorporates non removal batteries that are integral parts of the product.

2. Batteries and rechargeable batteries

Separate batteries and rechargeable batteries which are not an integral part of the product, can also be taken to public waste management bodies (e.g. recycling depots).

3. Further details about recycling WEEE

The Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (2007) requires that manufacturers meet a quota for recycling and recovery of usable materials from scrap tools. Robert Bosch Ltd is part of a consortium consisting of multiple manufacturers of power tools, electrical welding equipment and garden tools with an aim to have as much material as possible reused to ensure that there is no unnecessary damage to the environment.

Robert Bosch Ltd is registered with a compliance scheme as required by the Portable Battery Waste Regulations. Our registration number is BPRN00561.

4. Data protection notice

WEEE may contain personal data depending on its type. It is the responsibility of each owner to delete the data from the WEEE.

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