Multi-tools offer a versatile set of functions to help you work more efficiently. Whether you’ve found an old screw that’s too difficult to get out or a patch of grout that needs removing, multi-tools provide quick fixes whenever you need them. Browse a range of oscillating multi-tools below.

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Multi-Tools That Offer Versatility and Precision

Key Features of Multi-Tools

Bosch multi-tools offer ultimate versatility. They are equipped with a range of functions and features that make them well-suited for a variety of applications and materials. Some of these innovative features include:

  • Speed Selection: Many of our models offer speed selection features, allowing you to alternate between oscillation speeds to suit various applications.
  • StarlockPlus: Our StarlockPlus category of multi-tools features the StarlockPlus locking system, which allows you to quickly attach and detach accessories and blades when switching between tasks. This increases your efficiency and workplace productivity.
  • Vibration Control: Some models are fitted with vibration control technology, which reduces fatigue while working. It improves your ability to operate and manoeuvre the tool by producing less vibrations.

Popular Multi-Tools

Multi-tools are largely similar in design, but they differ in terms of power input, oscillation speed, and oscillation angles. There are also both corded and cordless models in the Bosch catalogue. Here are some of our most popular multi-tools:

  • GOP 12V-28: With a modest 12V battery pack, this cordless multi-tool is very ergonomic and easy to handle and operate. Its Starlock interface with a tight connection enhances direct power transfer and improves your work efficiency.
  • GOP 18V-34: This 18V battery-powered multi-tool uses StarlockPlus and Vibration Control to improve control and manoeuvrability while working. It’s an ideal all-round tool for cutting and sawing in confined spaces.
  • GOP 55-36: This corded model uses an external power supply and a 550 W motor to provide increased power for tougher applications. It’s a highly durable device with a snap-in function that allows for faster and easier accessory changes.
Multi-Tools are the Definition of Versatility

Bosch multi-tools and cutters are true all-rounders on jobsites. They use oscillating blades to provide a range of functions, including sawing, grinding, polishing, and refurbishing joints. These powerful blades typically move at 5,000-20,000 opm, while the oscillation angle can range between 1.4° to 1.8°, depending on the model.

Multi-tools are extremely versatile devices. Thanks to their snap-in StarlockPlus attachments, they can be used to cut, grind, polish, sand, and saw a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, plasterboard, tile grout, laminate, plastic, and insulation materials. This makes them a favourite tool of many tradespeople, including electricians, builders, plumbers, and HVAC technicians.

Their ergonomic design makes them lightweight and compact. As a result, multi-tools are extremely portable and can be carried around easily from place to place. They fit neatly in your toolbox and are robust and durable, making them reliable tools for odd jobs or adjustment work around the jobsite.

For added variation between models, there are also plenty of multi-tool accessories that are designed for specific applications like sanding and sawing. This increases the range of functions your multi-tool can perform, making it even more indispensable in your toolkit.

Why Buy Directly from Bosch?

Bosch power tools are the best out there. Designed for professionals in mind, we never compromise on quality or safety. When you buy from Bosch directly, you’re guaranteed to get the best tools and accessories possible, as well as these other benefits:

  • Comprehensive Support: Even specialists need technical support or guidance sometimes. Our trained customer support staff can provide tailored answers to even the most specific of questions.
  • Exclusive Offers: When you buy your products with Bosch, you can take advantage of regular promotions and exclusive offers, such as the Deal of the Month. You’ll also benefit from free shipping if you spend over £50 and are UK-based.
  • Your Safety is Our Priority: We have invested heavily in research to produce the safest, most effective power tools possible. With innovative Bosch PROtection features, you can increase the safety of yourself and those around you.

Bosch Multi-Tools for Extra-Efficient Work

Our oscillating multi-tools are ideal for a wide range of applications, from removing old screws to adjusting the length of fitted wooden panels. They’re small and lightweight, making them a great addition to your toolbox, regardless of your job or place of work. Buy multi-tools today at Bosch and take advantage of our exclusive offers and support.

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