Bosch power saws are essential tools for any tradesperson. Their versatile and practical designs boost cutting speed and increase your efficiency. Electric saws make your work easier and less strenuous, helping you to cut, build, demolish, and renovate with greater control. Browse a wide range of Bosch saws below.

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Electric Power Saws & Kits For Improved Efficiency

Key Features of Electric Saws

Electric saws utilise strong blades to cut through various materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. They are available with a range of innovative features that enhance your work efficiency and reduce fatigue, including:

  • BITURBO Motor Technology: Brushless BITURBO motors increase the durability and battery life of our electric saws. This retains the optimal cutting performance for longer and reduces the general wear-and-tear on the tool’s motor.
  • SDS System: Many of our electric saws come with SDS and SDS Plus technology, which allows you to change the saw blades and accessories quickly without the need for special tools. This speeds up your workflow and helps you stay productive.
  • Speed Selection: Certain electric saws allow you to customise the speed settings via an app. Others come with a pre-selection of three different speeds, which you can easily switch between as you change tasks and materials.

Popular Models of Electric Saws

There are many different types of saws that are specially designed for various applications. From small and compact devices for working in confined spaces to large, corded sawing equipment, you’ll find a wide range of electric power saws in the Bosch catalogue, such as:

  • GKS 190: This compact handheld circular saw is ideal for working in tight spaces. It uses a powerful 1,400 W motor to cut to a depth of 70 mm, making it suitable for tough sawing applications through wood, plastic, and laminate.
  • GKT 18V-52 GC: This cordless plunge saw delivers a cutting performance equal to 1,620 W in corded models. Its ergonomic and compact design gives the tool superior mobility, enabling you to cut up to 10 mm from walls.
  • GSA 18V-LI: Reciprocating saws like this model utilise a long oscillating blade to provide rough yet precise cuts through a range of different materials. This model offers tremendous cutting power in addition to a longer lifetime thanks to the electronic motor protection.

Power Saws Offer Workplace Versatility

Electric saws are essential for many trade jobs thanks to their unmatched ability to cut through any type of material, including wood, aluminium, plastic, laminate, coated boards, plasterboard, masonry, and sandwich panels.

Through powerful reciprocating or oscillating blades, these power saws speed up the cutting process and make your work more efficient. Their ergonomic and cordless designs – such as our 12V and 18V models – are easier to operate than manual tools because they require less physical effort and can be easily carried between jobs and into hard-to-reach areas.

Electric saws like handheld circular saws and plunge saws have powerful circular blades that can rotate at speeds of 5,500 rpm, while other saw types have reciprocating blades that oscillate at 3,000 spm. With dust extraction attachments and SDS technology, your work efficiency is increased even further, as you can clean dust as you work and change saw blades easily.

Whether you’re a builder, an electrician, or a carpenter, powerful reciprocating saws, like the GSA 18V-32, provide the ideal strength and manoeuvrability for a variety of tasks. These include removing unwanted materials, cutting down walls and structural elements, and emergency vehicle rescues.

Why Choose A Bosch for Your Tools?

Buying your power tools through Bosch is the best way to guarantee the quality and safety of your purchases. On top of this, you’ll also get the following benefits:

  • Customer Service Support: Our customer support staff are trained to provide quick and insightful solutions to your professional queries, no matter how technical or specific.
  • 3-Year Warranty: When you buy through Bosch, you’ll qualify for up to 3 years’ warranty on your power tools. This gives you the peace of mind to use your electric saw for years without worrying about a dip in quality.
  • Exclusive Promotions: Bosch customers will benefit from monthly deals, weekly sales, and exclusive offers. For instance, you’ll get free shipping on UK orders over £50.

Buy Bosch Electric Saws Today

The Bosch catalogue is packed with high-quality electric saws and blade accessories. With BITURBO motors and ergonomic designs, our saws can maximise your productivity at work and reduce the effort required to achieve perfectly precise cuts. You can find professional-grade plunge saws, reciprocating saws, jigsaws, and handheld circular saws in the Bosch catalogue. Buy an electric saw online at Bosch today.

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