Dust extraction systems

Bosch dust extractors are powerful vacuums that remove dust and waste material while you work. With filter-cleaning systems and powerful suction turbines, our models are fully equipped to make your work easier and safer. Shop the Bosch dust extractors today.

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Dust Extractors

Bosch Dust Extractors Key Features

Every tradesperson needs a reliable and efficient way to keep their workspace clean. Here are some innovative features of Bosch dust extractors that can make your work life easier, cleaner, and safer:

  • Practical Storage: Many of our models easily fit into a Bosch L-BOXX, making them easy to pack away and carry around. This is ideal for both independent contractors who do house calls and tradespeople working on large sites, as these portable dust extractors can be carried from place to place with minimal hassle.
  • Automatic Filter Cleaning: Many of our vacuum cleaner extractors are equipped with a semi-automatic filter cleaning system for improved suction and efficiency at work. This ensures the tool retains its high-performance properties.
  • Ergonomic Bagless Design: The bagless design of our models reduces plastic usage and improves the durability of the tool. Additionally, some of our hand-held models are less than a kilogram in gross weight, making them even more ergonomic.

Popular Dust Extractor Models

Dust extractors come in many shapes and sizes, so it’s important to choose the best model for your intended use. Here are some of the most popular cleaning extractors in the Bosch catalogue:

  • GAS 35 L SFC+: This corded dust extractor machine can be used for wet and dry applications thanks to its supreme 1,380 W suction turbine that delivers 254 mbars of high vacuum pressure. It’s an L-class model that makes a great accessory for larger power tools like table saws.
  • GAS 18V-12 MC: This M-class model uses one 18V battery that provides 170 mbars of vacuum pressure. Equipped with an anti-static hose and BITURBO technology, this device is ideal for cleaning up spillages, dust, and waste material after a task is complete.
  • GAS 18V-1: This cordless vacuum cleaner is compact and hand-held for easier dust extraction. It conveniently fits into a Bosch L-BOXX and utilises a range of accessories to give you more flexibility and versatility when cleaning up.

Dust Extractors: Ideal for Many Jobs

Bosch dust extractors make useful additions to your work, as they allow you to cut, grind, and saw materials without worrying about dust and debris getting in your way. Dust extractors can be attached to many different tools, from rotary hammers to angle grinders, so you can use them across a variety of tasks.

They can be used as normal vacuum cleaners, for wet and dry surfaces, or as attachments to your grinders, sanders, and other power tools. This makes them ideal for all kinds of trade work, including cutting pipes, renovating houses, and manufacturing products.

What’s more, you won’t have to worry about the volume of dust you create while working. Our dust extractors can hold varying amounts of waste material, with container volumes ranging between 12 litres to upwards of 55 litres of space. Models are sorted into different classes based on their size, container volume, and type of dust they can remove, so you can easily choose the right extractor for your work.

Our dust extractors also make trade jobs safer by removing potential hazards more easily and securely. Any tradesperson should own a dust extractor to ensure their workplace is safer, cleaner, and more professional, particularly when cutting construction materials on-site.

Why You Should Buy from Bosch

Buying directly from Bosch is the best way to guarantee the quality and safety of your tools. Here’s why you should always choose Bosch when buying dust extractors:

  • Safety-Focused: We are pioneers of workplace safety and have invested heavily in research to make our products safer for professionals. You can find innovative Bosch PROtection features in all our tools.
  • Quality Guaranteed: Bosch products are the best on the market, and the only way to guarantee you’re getting true Bosch products is to buy from us directly.
  • Support for Professionals: Even the best tradespeople need advice at times. When you buy through Bosch, you’ll gain access to our dedicated customer support team, who can answer any professional query you have with top guidance.

Bosch Dust Extractors are Best

Our dust extractors are reliable, safe, and durable appliances. When you buy a Bosch dust extractor, you’re getting the best quality and safety guaranteed. Useful across a range of trades and jobsites, don’t compromise the safety and professionalism of your work by missing out on a Bosch dust extractor. Browse our catalogue today.

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