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Bosch impact drivers and impact wrenches are practical power tools that can perform a wide range of tasks. They’re ideal for driving in and removing screws, and tightening different types of screw elements, making them an essential part of any tradesperson’s toolkit. Browse premium-grade impact wrenches here.

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Impact Wrenches & Drivers for Quick and Efficient Work

Explore the Various Features of Bosch Impact Wrenches & Drivers

An impact wrench, or impact driver, is one of the most essential power tools for any professional construction or installation job. Bosch models have an array of innovative features and functions that make them standout choices for your work, including:

  • BITURBO Brushless Technology: Our range of impact drivers and wrenches includes models that are equipped with BITURBO advanced motor technology that improves the force applied by the tool and reduces the mechanism wear-and-tear. This enhances both the durability of the tool and your efficiency while working.
  • Wide Parameter Selection: Depending on the target application, our models are available with different max torque and no-load speed settings that are designed to maximise your efficiency across multiple applications and materials.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Many of our models offer connectivity to the Bosch Toolbox app, where you can adjust the tool’s settings and default modes to suit your requirements.

Popular Impact Wrenches & Drivers at Bosch

Impact wrenches and drivers vary in specifications and physical properties, but they are generally used for the same applications. That said, you will need to find the right driver or wrench for your intended purpose and match the model’s properties to the difficulty of the task. Here are some of the most popular Bosch impact wrenches in our catalogue:

  • GDR 12V-105: One of our most practical impact drivers, the GDR 12V-105 offers a powerful torque of 105 Nm and up to 2,600 rpm of rotation speed. Its compact design makes it ideal for overhead work and in tight spaces.
  • GDX 18V-210 C: A mid-sized model, this cordless impact driver/wrench has a user interface with separate modes like self-tapping and wood screws. It also has three different speed and torque settings for increased control over your jobs.
  • GDS 30: This corded design is heavier than our cordless models but with a rated input power of 920 W, this electric impact wrench delivers high-powered screwing performance for heavy-duty tasks. It’s ideal for hard fastening applications through tough materials.

Bosch Impact Drivers & Wrenches are Versatile Tools

Impact drivers are incredibly ergonomic and versatile tools. They weigh between 0.8 and 1.3 kg, helping you work in tight angles with a cordless design and rechargeable battery pack. Despite their relatively small size, they still offer strong torque and fast rotation speeds. With their powerful rotational mechanisms and a wide array of attachments available, you can use electric impact drivers to bore holes in wood, metal, plastic, and a whole range of materials.

Our tools also benefit from improved safety features. Many models come with two default modes, selftapping screw and wood screw, which automatically slow down or shut off the impact driver to prevent broken screwheads, worn-out threads, and damaged workpieces. With this feature, you can work more efficiently in a much safer environment.

Benefits of Buying from Bosch

Whether you work in locksmithing, automobile construction, or air conditioning repairs, you should always buy your impact drivers and wrenches from Bosch. Here’s why:

  • Unmatched Quality: We manufacture and design our tools to the highest standards, giving you the best possible devices for your professional requirements.
  • Specialised Support: Our customer support team knows our tools inside-out. No matter how specific or technical your query is, we can provide the answers.
  • Exclusive Offers & Warranties: When you buy through Bosch, you can take advantage of our special discounts. Additionally, all your tools are covered under our exclusive warranty.

Choose Bosch for Reliable Power Tools

Bosch impact wrenches are practical and versatile tools that offer powerful torque and rotation speeds to drive in screws, bolts, and other fittings. With innovative features like BITURBO brushless motors and automatic switch-off functions, you’re assured of efficient and safe work. Browse the Bosch catalogue to buy your impact driver today.

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