Bosch System Specialists

Your highly qualified Bosch specialist retailer

Bosch System Specialists (BSS) are highly qualified Bosch specialist retailers who have specialised in the selling of Bosch power tools. This is to your advantage.

Bosch and the Bosch System Specialists work together particularly closely to give you not only quality products from Bosch but also a highly effective retail partner.

You can expect a great deal from your Bosch System Specialist (BSS). And you can benefit from him even more. All Bosch System Specialists offer you, for example, the following added benefits:

Wide range of Bosch products permanently in stock – for immediate purchase.

All new Bosch products are available first from your Bosch System Specialist.

Depending on the setup of the Bosch System Specialist, the specialist retailer offers you further advantages, e.g. a Bosch Shop-in-Shop.

The Bosch Shop-in-Shop turns your shopping trip into a unique experience. At the Bosch System Specialist's store you will find all Bosch products concisely in one place, distinguished by a blue floor. The modern form of product presentation helps you to easily find the desired Bosch products.

And since you can purchase everything on location, you can quickly get back to your work.

See for yourself the advantages of the Bosch Shop-in-Shop:

Competent, very intensively trained shop sales assistants for all products stocked in the Bosch Shop-in-Shop.

Modern product presentation enables you to quickly find the products you are looking for.

Huge selection of Bosch power tools and Bosch quality accessories, concisely combined in one place.

More information about Bosch System Specialists

Specialists in their field

Bosch System Specialists give you comprehensive system advice, from the appropriate Bosch accessory through to the powerful Bosch power tool. Perfectly coordinated with each other for your individual requirements.

Bosch System Specialists

Exclusive service

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