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Sanders are essential tools for many tradespeople, including builders, manufacturers, and carpenters. They use fast-rotating discs to sand, grind, and polish surfaces of various materials like wood and metal. Bosch sanders are high-performance power tools designed for maximum efficiency and versatility in the workplace. Browse our models below.

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Sanders & Planers from Bosch – Maximum Efficiency and Versatility

Key Features of Bosch Sanders

Sanders are one of the most popular power tools for many tradespeople. The properties and specifications of sanders vary between models and types, but most have the following beneficial features:

  • Dust Extraction: Some models have dust extraction attachments which keep your work area tidier and safer. Compatible with any Bosch dust extraction system, this minimises the dust and debris around you as you work, reducing hazards and increasing safety.
  • Quick-Change Plates: Many models have easily interchangeable sanding plates for greater control and efficiency while you work. The interchangeable sanding plate system uses a hook-and-loop mechanism to help you quickly and securely attach the sanding sheets.
  • Ergonomic Design: Handle types differ from model to model but are generally ergonomic and comfortable, but some models may require you to support the sanding plate with your other palm. For instance, the GTR 55-225 is a drywall sander equipped with a long handle that’s ideal for overhead sanding.

Popular Sanders in the Bosch Catalogue

Sanders come in a variety of forms. Each model differs in things like shape, base plate, intended application, sanding pad diameter, rated input power, and no-load speed. Depending on the job you want to perform, you should select one of these types of sanders:

  • Orbital Sanders: These types of sanders are ideal for sanding and polishing jobs in hard-to-reach areas. The GSS 160 MULTI is an ergonomic and lightweight corded sander for a wide range of sanding tasks, including for polishing internal corners.
  • Random Orbit Sanders: For finer, smoother finishes across various types of wood, random orbit sanders are the best tool for the job. Their high-powered orbital rotation delivers more finer sanding, and models like the GET 55-125 offer easily changeable pads for improved working efficiency.
  • Cordless Sanders: Battery-powered sanders operate without a cable, helping you work more efficiently without the need to rely on an external power source. Bosch cordless sanders come with a battery and a charger, and you can choose from 12V models like the GSS 12V-13 or opt for more powerful appliances with 18V batteries.

Sanders are Practical All-Rounders

Sanders are essential appliances for creating smooth finishes on wood, metal, and plastic. With the right appliance and sanding disc attachments, you can achieve coarse or smooth finishes across a variety of surfaces. This facilitates many tasks, such as preparing wood for treatment, removing sharp splinters, and creating smooth finishes for construction and assembly jobs.

Using a sander will save you heaps of time and manual labour, helping you get the job done much more quickly and efficiently. Electric sanders are practical and portable, which makes them great for on-the-go workers who need to carry their tools from place to place.

Additionally, their powerful motors and fast rotations accelerate your jobs. Rated input power for corded models can range between 180 W and 850 W, while sanding pad diameters are typically around 125-150 mm. Rotation speeds can be anywhere between 3,300 rpm and 12,000 rpm, which increases the material removal rate and speeds up your work.

Here’s Why You Should Buy with Bosch

There are many reasons why buying with Bosch is the best choice. From exclusive offers to comprehensive customer support, here’s why you should always buy through Bosch directly:

  • Quality Appliances: We’ve perfected our manufacturing and have provided high-quality power tools and accessories to professionals for generations. You know you’re getting the best tools when you buy with Bosch.
  • Deals & Warranties: We offer free UK shipping on orders over £50 as well as up to 3 years’ extended warranty on our products. We also provide free returns within 14 days and regular promotions, such as our Deal of the Month.
  • Specialist Support: When you buy with us, you’ll gain access to our comprehensive support team which can provide specialist support for even the most technical of professional queries.

Choose Bosch Sanders Today

Bosch sanders are ergonomic and efficient, thanks to a variety of features like interchangeable plates and dust extraction attachments. They’re the ideal tool for various sanding, planing, polishing, and grinding tasks, regardless of whether you pick an orbital sander or a random orbit sander. Buy cordless and corded sanders from Bosch today.

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