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Heat guns are important and versatile tools that are used for a range of jobs, from soldering and welding metals to shrinking cables. To achieve your desired results more easily, browse our range of Bosch heat guns and find robust models to suit your requirements.

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Heat Guns – Designed for Precise and Safe Operation

Key Features of Heat Guns

Bosch hot air guns utilise innovative technology to provide exceptional performance and practicality in your work. Here are some of the best features you can expect from Bosch models:

  • Ergonomic Design: Bosch heat guns weigh just over half a kilogram and are extremely ergonomic and lightweight. Specially designed handles and compact yet durable casing give you increased control and manoeuvrability when working with tough materials like metal and plastic cabling. This helps you stay safe and work more efficiently.
  • Powerful Motorised Heating: Advanced motor technology helps our range of heat guns reach temperatures between 50 - 650°C. You won’t have to sit around waiting for your tool to heat up – simply switch it on and start working.
  • Speed Selection: Some heat gun models in the Bosch catalogue allow you to alternate between speeds and heating programs. This helps you work across a range of materials, applying varying temperatures when required.

Heat Gun Models

Electric heat guns vary in design, making them suitable for all kinds of applications. At Bosch, you can find both corded and cordless models of heat guns. Below you will find some of the differences between the different available models:

  • GHG 23-66: This model is a corded design that uses 110V of external power to provide up to 1,400 W of rated input power with a 2,300 W motor. It offers ten different airflow rates that are digitally adjustable via a built-in LED screen.
  • GHG 18V-50: This cordless heat gun can reach 300°C in just six seconds. Its lightweight and cable-less free design makes it incredibly practical for carrying around the warehouse, and its two different temperature levels give you adequate control over your tasks.

Heat Guns for All Trades

Heat gun tools are ideal for tasks like soldering, joining, plastic pipe welding, bending and fusing metal parts, and laying plastic cables. All kinds of tradespeople, from car manufacturers to electricians, can benefit from the improved efficiency of a heat gun.

Safety is an important consideration when using heat guns in professional capacities. Since heat guns can emit hot air of up to 650°C, you need to know that you can operate the tool with minimal risk of injury. That’s why our devices are designed to fit comfortably in your hand and our powerful GHG 23-66 heat gun is equipped with LCD display and thermal protection features that turn off the heat while keeping the fan running for improved control while you work.

Our models offer variety in both specifications and features. Some operate using a single airflow speed, while others have a rate of anywhere between 150-500 litres per minute. Sound level also ranges between 65 to 75 dB(A) with an uncertainty K of 3 dB. Bosch cordless heat guns use 18V battery packs, while corded models use around 230V to achieve up to 2,300 W of rated input power.

This means you can find a range of Bosch models designed to suit various purposes and materials. Whether you’re a metalworker or a plumber, you’ll find a robust and precise heat gun that works for you.

Benefits of Buying from Bosch

Shop heat guns in the Bosch online store to take advantage of exclusive special offers and customer support channels. Here’s why you should buy with us directly:

  • Exclusive Discounts: When shopping with Bosch, you can take advantage of exclusive offers and promotions that help you save money on your work tools. In case you require other tools alongside a heat blower gun, you can bundle your tools and save.
  • Quality Guaranteed: Ensure your tools are as safe and operational as possible with Bosch’s quality guarantee, and for additional peace of mind, explore our extended warranty offer.
  • Specialised Support: Expert tradespeople need expert support. Bosch is the only place that can provide qualified advice and guidance on Bosch power tools.

Choose a Bosch Heat Gun Today!

Buying a heat gun is a good idea for any kind of tradesperson. With light and compact designs, advanced safety features like LED lights, and powerful motors with fast-heating technology, Bosch heat guns are unbeatable in quality. Shop our range of heat guns and glue guns now.

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