Rotary hammers & demolition hammers

SDS drills and rotary hammers are ideal for numerous applications. From removing old tiles to demolishing masonry, our rotary hammers use the specialised SDS chuck to improve efficiency and versatility while working. To find the best tool for the job, browse a wide range of SDS rotary hammer drills in the Bosch catalogue below.

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Rotary Hammer Drills with SDS Plus and SDS Max Technology

SDS Drill Key Features

Slotted Drive Shaft or Slotted Drive System drills use specialised chucks for increased security and versatility. Here are some of the core features that make SDS drills so popular among tradespeople:

  • SDS Chucks: With SDS technology, these power tools apply the hammering force using a special SDS tool holder to improve the power transmission via the bit attached. This allows for a more precise application of force and more efficient drilling.
  • Practical Designs: SDS drills are lightweight and compact. This makes them incredibly ergonomic and useful while working, as you can carry them around the jobsite easily.
  • Kickback Control: The Kickback Control feature prevents the tool from reacting suddenly and jumping randomly in binding conditions by automatically switching the device off when hazardous situations are detected.

Popular Models of SDS Drills

Many of our drills are equipped with a specialised SDS chuck, but the main type that uses this function is the SDS rotary hammer drill. We offer a wide range of rotary hammers that are ideal for a variety of demolition tasks, such as these popular models:

  • GBH 18V-28 CF: This cordless rotary hammer drill is an all-rounder for drilling through concrete, stone, and masonry. Its vibration and kickback control give you enhanced protection, while three separate modes offer improved working efficiency.
  • GBH 18V-LI COMPACT: One of our most lightweight SDS drills, this cordless rotary hammer is ideal for entry-level drilling applications in confined spaces, tight angles, and overhead work. It boasts an impressive impact rate of 4,950 bpm at rated speed.
  • GBH 4-32 DFR: This corded model uses a 900 W motor to provide 4.2 J of impact energy. It’s a powerful and durable appliance that’s ideal for heavy chiselling and drilling through tough materials, thanks to a robust metal gearbox and a rotational control clutch.

SDS Drills Suit All Trades

SDS drills are designed to suit a variety of applications and materials. For instance, SDS hammer drills combine rotating action with a hammering function for enhanced drilling and driving functions in tough materials like stone and concrete. Meanwhile, smaller SDS drills are ideal for metal and wood.

The SDS drill chuck improves your overall efficiency by allowing you to quickly secure drill bits and attachments. Additionally, the dual handles and vibration control offer enhanced handling by reducing fatigue caused by vibrations and giving you an extra handle to grip.

SDS hammer drills are powerful tools with fast rotation speeds and strong impact action. Their impact rates and rotation speeds can vary between models, but our most powerful appliances exceed 5,000 bpm and 2,000 rpm, combining the two forces for improved drilling and chiselling. This makes your work easier and much more efficient.

You can use Bosch SDS drills for all kinds of drilling and screwing applications. The specialised chuck allows for the quick changing of accessories and drill bits, which helps workers switch between tasks and materials more easily. These tools are ideal for removing old material, drilling holes in tough surfaces, chiselling away old grout, removing tiles, drilling through stone and masonry, and demolishing walls.

Why Buy with Bosch?

Purchasing your power tools directly with Bosch will bring you a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • Guaranteed Quality: Designed to meet the strictest quality standards, we offer up to 3-year’s of warranty on purchases made through Bosch and free returns within 14 days.
  • Direct Support: Our customer service team is available to provide comprehensive support for all your technical and professional queries.
  • Exclusive Offers: From our Deal of the Month to our regular sales and discounts, you can always find special promotions when you buy through Bosch. We also offer free shipping to UK orders over £50.

Choose Bosch for Your SDS Drills

Bosch has been a trusted provider of professional-grade power tools for generations. Our SDS drills make your work faster and more efficient, thanks to specialised SDS chucks, vibration control, and powerful motors. Whether you’re a construction worker or an electrician, these tools should be an essential part of your toolbox. Browse high-quality SDS drills today.

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