Resetting to square / 0 degrees bevel on GKT 55 GCE

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created by fatcorey on 22.03.2021, 19:37 o’clock
I now realize that I have the GKT13-225, but I was having this same issue, but then found this set screw to help dial in the 0 degree setting, and when I set the saw back to 0 after changing it, this stop puts it right back to zero.


Most underrated post in the history of internet...

(exact same screw on gkt-55)

This set screw effectively set the default 0° (actual angle, not the scale angle) of the 0° stop.

half a turn clockwise with a 2mm(??) Allen wrench was all it took to make it a perfect 0°
(check with a machinist square between the teeth)

clockwise will make the stop go in the 0-45° direction, anti clockwise will send it to to 0- -1° direction.

makes the process so much easier and avoid any wrap on the sole when you hold the saw down with a loose base, trying to set with a square and lock the sole with a 3rd and 4th hand.

1- turn the set screw to desired direction
2- loosen the 2 angle locking screws
3- angle the saw and go back to stop, let it sit on the bench
4- tighten back screw then front screw
5- deploy saw blade and check with square
6- repeat 1->5 if necessary

i ve done several angle cuts since then and it went back to perfect 0° every time since then.

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Hi Martin,

Yes I have had mine since 2014 and unfortunately it has been like that since I took it home, most of the time approxiamately 1 or so degree is rough enough for what I do, but when you need it to be bang on, you have to set it by square and the 45 is shockingly poor and has cost me. It is a great saw but it is a shame bosch removed this feature that was on the mafell. I guess if you want a mafell don't buy a bosch.