Brushless Rules

Brushless Rules!

Let the challenge begin with the durable and highly efficient Bosch Professional Brushless Drills.

Brushless Rules!

What is Brushless?

Traditional DC tool motors contain brushes that are continuously worn down when in use. These would need to be regularly replaced in order for the tool to perform at peak efficiently. In addition, when these brushes wear it causes resistance and heat. As brushless motors do not contain brushes, they are maintenance free as well as significantly more efficient and powerful, resulting in a tool that has up to 100 % longer lifetime and 30% longer runtime per battery charge.

Our 18V Brushless Combi Drills

GSB 18V-45 Professional Combi

The most compact Bosch Professional 18V impact drill driver with solid power

The cordless GSB 18V-45 Professional drill driver with easy handling and operation due to its lightweight compactness and 174mm head length. Solid performer with 45 Nm torque and 1,900 RPM

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GSB 18V-55 Professional Combi

Tough and powerful brushless combi with Roehm metal chuck

The GSB 18V-55 Professional drill driver with brushless motor ensuring extensive tool lifetime and longer battery runtime. With a high performance of 55 Nm torque and 1,750 RPM, it easily maximises efficiency on the jobsite, especially for work in wood, metal, and masonry

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GSB 18V-90 C Professional Combi

Powerful cordless impact drill with compact head length and perfect tool control

The GSB 18V-90 C Professional delivers high power with 64 Nm and 2,100 rpm maximising your efficiency on the job site. Switchable Kickback Control and switchable Precision Clutch ensure perfect control and high protection for user and tool

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GSB 18V-110 C Professional Combi

Extremely powerful and robust - with brushless motor and impact drilling function

The GSB 18V-110 C Professional drill driver is extremely strong with 110 Nm torque and a brushless motor. It's full-metal chuck can handle the toughest applications along with additional tool control via bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone

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GSB 18V-150 C Professional Combi

When strength counts – the clever impact drill driver for unrivalled power and control

The GSB 18V-150 C Professional drill driver enables extremely fast work progress through it's powerful brushless motor with a maximum torque of 150 Nm and ProCORE18V batteries. Reliable and robust thanks to it's metal drill chuck and metal gearbox

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