The ultimate in versatility and flexibility: Bosch Professional 18 V drill driver with FlexiClick

Multiple uses – and connectivity too

  • Versatile adaptation to any task – including rotary hammering
  • Flexible solutions for work in tight spaces and tricky situations
  • Individualised settings and other Bosch connectivity benefits
  • Electronic systems for user and tool protection

Bosch has equipped its latest 18 V cordless drill driver with the FlexiClick attachment system to create the ultimate do-it-all tool. Using a range of adapters, the versatile Bosch GSR 18 V-60 FCC Professional Drill Driver with FlexiClick can be turned into anything from a screwdriver to a powerful rotary hammer drill. The same system provides great flexibility for work in various difficult situations, including hard-to-reach places. To these advantages, Bosch has also added connectivity and electronic protection features.

Versatility and flexibility

At just 140 mm in length, this drill driver’s compact tool dimensions are suited to operation in tight spaces, and with the addition of flexible adapters it reaches even further. Its exceptional application versatility enables drilling in wood, metal and even concrete, as well as classic screwdriving.

The main FlexiClick adapters are:

  • GFA 18-M Professional Drill Chuck Adapter. A highly robust attachment, with a solid metal construction, holding drill bits of up to 13 mm diameter.
  • GFA 18-W Professional Angle Screw Adapter with HEX socket. Allowing easy and precise screwdriving even in very tight spaces, it effectively drives screws around corners.
  • GFA 18-E Professional Off-set Angle Screw Adapter. Enabling precise screwdriving close to edges.
  • 4. GFA 18-H Professional Rotary Hammer Adapter. With this attachment the drill driver becomes a high-powered SDS-plus rotary hammer with an impact energy of 1 J.

Also available are the GFA 18-B Professional Drill Chuck Adapter, with a plastic construction for lighter tasks, and the GFA 18-WB Professional Angle Screw Adapter, for round-shank drill bits.

Adapters are quickly and easily attached to the drill driver using the ‘turn and click’ motion already familiar to users of keyless chucks. Simply place the adapter on the FlexiClick interface, turn it clockwise, and repeated clicking will indicate a secure connection.

Uniquely, FlexiClick adapters can be adjusted without removal from the tool. They offer adjustment through 360 degrees, with 16 different locking positions.

Inbuilt user protection

The risk of kickback-related injury, when a drill bit becomes jammed in the work material, is minimised by Bosch KickBack Control. If this system’s sensors detect a sudden blockage, the motor is switched off within a fraction of a second.

Thanks to the latest brushless EC technology, users can expect a long motor lifetime and maximum battery runtime. In addition, Electronic Motor Protection(EMP) uses an integrated temperature sensor management system to safeguard against overloads. Meanwhile, the battery features Electronic Cell Protection ECP, to avoid damage from overloading, overheating and deep discharge.

Another electronic control function, Precision Clutch, prevents overtightening of screws. This saves wear and tear on the work material, the screw, the screwdriver bit, the clutch and the tool.

Bosch connectivity

A Bosch connectivity module, slotted into the tool, establishes Bluetooth wireless communication between the drill driver, the user’s smartphone and the free Bosch Toolbox app. This connection can be used, for example, to configure the KickBack Control, Precision Clutch and other settings according to individual needs and preferences. Instructions for adjustment can be given via the phone, even at a distance, and the system will remember them for future reference.

Other benefits of connectivity include warning of malfunctions, checking of essential indicators, advice on troubleshooting, and access to information on the tool’s operating history.

A choice of packages

The Bosch GSR 18 V-60 FCC Professional Drill Driver with FlexiClick, which is likely to appeal particularly to trade professionals such as kitchen installers, cabinet builders and interior designers, is available from May 2018.

The Bosch GSR 18V-60 FCC Professional FlexiClick system (consisting of all attachments, 2 x 5.0Ah batteries, charger and L-BOXX) will be available from May 2018 at the recommended retail price of £507.76. Prices are exclusive of VAT and are subject to change.

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