Bosch survey reveals UK tradespeople to be the most safety conscious.

Professionals including electricians, builders and carpenters polled across Europe.
  • Over 56% of UK tradespeople say they stop work regularly to meet health and safety requirements
  • Grinding metal tops the list of tasks where workers want protection
  • Bosch Professional deliver solutions for day-to-day and long-term health and safety concerns

According to the findings of a recent health and safety survey conducted for Bosch, UK tradespeople are the most safety conscious in Europe. The poll canvased the views of carpenters, electricians, plumbers and other building trade professionals in the UK and eight other European countries including Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

Over 56% of the UK tradespeople said that they stopped work several times a day or even more frequently in order to meet health and safety requirements. Across the channel in France around 35% of workers were stopping a similar amount of times, while in Spain it was 37.5% and in Germany a little over 39%.

While being tuned in to health and safety issues is undoubtedly important in the workplace, interruptions to the work flow are likely to have a knock-on effect on efficiency and productivity. The safety features built into many power tools in the Bosch Professional range can make a significant difference. With in-tool systems that help protect users against both day-to-day injuries and long-term health risks, tradespeople can work seamlessly with greater confidence and efficiency.

The survey also shed light on which tasks trade professionals place most importance on, in terms of using protection. In the UK grinding metal was rated highest, with 46% of respondents flagging it up. After this came drilling concrete and sawing wood.

Immediate day to day protection

When it comes to working with metal, the Bosch GWS 18V-125 SC Professional includes impressive day to day safety features. Like over 20 other Bosch Professional power tools, this angle grinder includes a sensor-based KickBack Control function. If the integrated sensor detects a sudden blockage during use, the motor will switch off within a fraction of a second, minimising the risk of user injury.

The Bosch GWS 18V-125 SC Professional is also the first power tool in the world to feature Drop Control. If the angle grinder falls, the power cuts out as soon as it hits the ground.

Long term protection from vibration and dust

Effective measures to protect workers from the long-term effects of vibration and dust are also vital to workplace health and safety. Bosch Professional has developed a number of solutions. For example, the Bosch GBH 18V-26 (F) Professional rotary hammer has a damping element that uncouples the main handle from the hammer drive and reduces active vibrations. While the Bosch GSA 18V-32 Professional sabre saw has a counterweight which constantly counteracts inertial forces – giving this tool the lowest vibrations in its class.

Bosch Professional also offers an extensive range of dust extraction tools. The Bosch GAS 18V-10 L Professional is a cordless dust extractor and can cope with both wet and dry environments. It is also equipped with automatic filter cleaning which helps to maximize suction power at all times.

The Bosch GBH 18V-26 (F) Professional rotary hammer handles the dust issue in an innovative way. It’s one of the first 18 volt Bosch Professional hammers to incorporate active integrated dust extraction. This means that the tool can collect the dust it is creating while it is being used. This is made possible with the optional Bosch GDE 18V-16 Professional dust extraction attachment.

So, for safety-conscious UK tradespeople looking for health and safety solutions, Bosch Professional Power tools could be the answer they need.

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