laser measure

That’s how you measure today.
Bosch Professional Measuring Tools.

Don't waste your time. With our robust digital laser measures, angle measures and inclinometers you achieve quick,
accurate results for all your measuring tasks – anywhere, in no time.

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No matter what your task, with many clever and practice-oriented functions our professional measuring tools guarantee you results with maximum precision and reliability.

Fast. Easy. Precise. That´s how you measure today.

Measuring tasks can be time-consuming and imprecise. Discover the possibilities of Bosch Professional Measuring Tools now.

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With their clever functions, our professional measuring tools make every application smarter. Perfect for accurately measuring distances and angles, quickly calculating areas and volumes, and conveniently editing and exporting your measurements.

Applications for laser measures

Measure at the speed of light: Maximum precision and reliability – the smartest distance measurement for professionals.

Applications for angle measures and inclinometers

Easily determine angles and inclinations: Measure inclines, horizontals or angles from 0° to 360° with supreme precision.