That’s how you level today.
Bosch Professional Measuring Tools.

Achieve exact results in a flash. Whether you're aligning, laying tiles or hanging ceilings –
with our robust and self-levelling line lasers, point lasers, combi lasers and rotation lasers you can take your work to the next level.

Extremely versatile to use.
Enormously beneficial for you.

Our digital levelling tools have many clever functions that save you time and money and make you more efficient.

Fast. Easy. Precise. That´s how you level today.

Tired of time and labour-intensive levelling?
Discover the possibilities of Bosch Professional Measuring Tools now.

Perfect support for all trades and all applications.

We offer you a large selection of professional levelling tools for maximum efficiency of your construction job – from site preparation to interior finishing.

Applications for line lasers

Line lasers project straight horizontal and vertical lines along the work surface.
Make precision your baseline. With our line lasers.

Applications for point lasers

Point lasers project laser beams as precise points of reference.
Project your precision on every task. With our point lasers.

Applications for combi lasers

Combi lasers project both lines and dots: The clever solution for all applications covered by cross-line and point lasers.
Be versatile for any job. With our combi lasers.

Applications for rotation lasers

Rotation lasers project a 360-degree single dot or laser beam. Ideal for horizontal and vertical alignment over large distance ranges.
The foundation for your success. Our rotation lasers.