Thermo camera

That’s how you detect today.
Bosch Professional Measuring Tools.

Locate everything hidden in the blink of an eye. Our detection tools such as detectors,
thermo cameras, thermo detectors and cordless inspection cameras will make your job easier and more efficient than ever before.

Have a close eye on the job.

Our versatile detection tools give you easy problem analysis and identify hidden objects. They can avoid errors and damage, increasing your security and preventing costs.

Fast. Easy. Precise. That´s how you detect today.

In need of really reliable detection results? Discover the possibilities of Bosch Professional Measuring Tools now.

Clarity at a glance.

With our professional detection tools you will find magnetic and non-magnetic metals, power cables, wooden substructures or even plastic pipes. You can reliably detect thermal bridges and power losses, quickly detect moisture and the risk of mould and immediately detect overheated fuses.