Wow, a huge thank you for the many applications to become a #builtwithBosch Tester! The Testers who are selected will be notified by email.

Sadly, the application period is now closed. There will be a new round of #builtwithBosch soon.

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What our product testers say:

It has also been one year since I was chosen to become a #builtwithBosch tester. A trip to Germany, some incredible tools and an amazing video came out of that plus I got to meet and work with some great people too!”

Being a BuiltWithBosch tester has allowed me the opportunity to try out Bosch products which, with their innovative use of technology, has helped drive my business forward and streamline contracts by making my job easier and faster with a higher degree of accuracy thus guaranteeing customer satisfaction.”

The #builtwithBosch campaign has been amazing! We feel more involved with the future and development of power tools, as the end user this is really important to us. The quality of Bosch tools is superb and we get to see this first hand. Thanks Bosch!”

So far I have really enjoyed my experience as a Bosch Professional Tool Tester. It has been very insightful to be a small part of their R&D process. They seem to genuinely appreciate feedback from the end user and incorporate our input into their future designs.”

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