Bosch Efficiency System

The Bosch cordless system
for mobile work: A great 3-part system!

Bosch offers you an integral system for mobile use consisting of three components: compact, powerful cordless tools, innovative battery technology and with the L-BOXX an intelligent transport and storage system.

The Bosch cordless tools excel especially due to their long lifetime, high performance capability and very long runtime.

What’s more, day-to-day use on the jobsite is made even more efficient by the Bosch Mobility System.

Tested by professionals: the GSR 18 V-LI Professional cordless drill/driver

“The runtime of the 4.0 Ah batteries is unbelievable. Even driving several hundred screws a day, I only have to charge the battery once a week.”

Marco Mayr, master joiner

Compact, powerful cordless tools

  • Extremely compact design
    and the best ergonomics
  • Optimum combination of power and weight
    for the best handling and a fast work rate
  • Maximum efficiency due to EC motor technology

Innovative battery technology

  • Latest battery technology
    NEW! Wireless Charging System for charging without changing the battery
    6.0 + 5.0 + 4.0 + 3.0 + 2.0 Ah for up to 100% longer battery runtime*
  • Bosch CoolPack
    for up to 100% longer lifetime**
  • Bosch Flexible Power System
    Always the right battery for runtime and weight thanks to 100% compatibility
  • 2 years all-round carefree service
    for your batteries included

Bosch Mobility System

  • Unbeatably easy system of clicking together and separating
    the different L-BOXXes
  • Four L-BOXX sizes and comprehensive accessories
    for optimum storage
  • Exclusively compatible with Sortimo in-vehicle equipment systems
  • All Bosch cordless tools available in L-BOXX

* Comparison of Bosch 6.0 Ah battery with Bosch 3.0 Ah battery </small > ** Comparison of Bosch batteries with / without CoolPack cooling technology </small >