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Starlock Best of Sanding Set, 6-Piece

For oscillating multitools

  • Contains blades for coarse and fast sanding with extra-long life
  • Starlock Snap-In mounting system for fast blade removal and exchange within 3 seconds without having to touch the blade
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£115.56 Including VAT

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Starlock Sanding Set 2 608 664 133
£115.56 Including VAT
For oscillating multitools

Starlock mount for optimum power transfer and convenient blade change within 3 seconds.

For Sanding Wood and Removing Mortar

Starlock Best of Sanding Set, 6-Pieces enables sanding wood and removing mortar

  • Starlock Snap-In mounting system for fast blade removal and exchange within 3 seconds without having to touch the blade
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2 608 664 133 Carbide-RIFF plunge-cutting saw blade AVZ 32 RT4 (1x) / Sanding plate AVZ 93 G (1x) / Sanding plate AVZ 90 RT6 (1x) / Sanding sheet F460 (3x) 3 Pcs £115.56

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The offer in detail

Coarse Sanding in Niches
  • Sanding blade shape easily reaches into small spaces for precision sanding without sanding paper
  • Slim 1 mm design enables sanding in extremely narrow gaps
  • Finger has carbide grit 40 for extra-long life
Extra-Long Life
  • Coated with high-quality carbide with grit 60 for high wear resistance
  • Open-coat carbide coating for aggressive material removal without clogging
  • Delta-shaped plate allows it to reach tight corners
Comfortable Sanding in Corners
  • Flexible corners and optimised plate shore hardness prevents wear or fusion
  • Plate’s hook-and-loop-type fastening system makes for easy sheet changes with a variety of sanding paper options
  • High material removal with dust-free and build-up-free work due to plate’s extraction holes
Exceptional Finish
  • Durable F-/E backing paper for continuous work and professional finishes
  • High-quality semi-friable aluminium oxide and silicon carbide for precision material removal with perfect results
  • Electrostatically open-coated, and removes material with precision for optimal sanding behaviour
Paint on wood
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