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Hinge Cutting Bit Set, Tungsten Carbide Tipped, 5-piece

For rotary drills/drivers

  • Made of carbide with diamond-ground TC cutters give great results
  • Centring tip provides exact drilling starts


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5-piece tungsten carbide hinge cutting bit set 15 - 35 mm 2 607 018 750
£188.92 Including VAT
For rotary drills/drivers

Fits tools of most brands


Cylindrical shank compatible with three-jaw drill chucks.

Precise Holes in Abrasive Materials

Carbide Hinge Cutting Bit produces very precise results in abrasive materials

  • Centring tip provides exact drilling starts
  • Two main cutters and two side cutters slice through material for highly accurate and splinter-free blind hole diameters

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2 607 018 750 15.0 / 20.0 / 25.0 / 30.0 / 35.0 5 Pcs £188.92

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Precise Holes

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