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Find chisels the efficient way, with the new accessory advisor.
Find chisels the efficient way, with the new accessory advisor.

Multi-piece chisel sets from Bosch Professional

For construction and demolition work, restoration and renovation, chisels deliver both blunt force and precision removal of a range of materials. Bosch professional chisel sets include a range of tools made for materials such as concrete, lime mortar, brick, and ceramic tile. Bosch chisels allow efficient chiselling and material removal using rotary hammer drills or demolition hammers.

For a variety of chiselling projects

Bosch SDS Plus chisel sets combine premium-quality chisels for a variety of purposes. These sets are designed to ensure high material removal rate with reduced jamming. Each set contain common types of chisels such as flat chisels for lateral and vertical cracks, pointed chisels for material removal, and tile chisels for ceramic.

Bosch Professional chisels have heavy-duty SDS drill design for easy attachment to your power tools, ensuring superior functionality even in the most challenging environments or on particularly stubborn materials. Additionally, durable designs and manufacture ensure longevity even after prolonged use on the hardest materials.

Discover our convenient and versatile chisel tool sets and invest in premium-quality tools designed to improve speed and reduce effort. Perfect for restocking your toolbox, we also offer individual chisels, including pointed chisels, flat, sds max chisels and spade chisels, so you can find the right tool for the efficient removal of all kinds of stubborn materials during your construction or demolition project—explore the range today.

Multipurpose chiselling for all kinds of renovation and restoration

Here at Bosch, our chisel sets allow you to safely tackle a wide range of renovation and restoration work with cutting-edge technology, ensuring long service life and great value for money. All Bosch Professional chisels are self-sharpening, meaning a higher removal rate than standard chisels. They are also extremely long-lasting, even when used regularly.

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