Circular Saw Blades

Razor sharp circular saw blades for quick, precise cutting. Need reliable, clean cuts in a variety of different materials? Our circular saw blades produce precise cuts in a range of different wood, metal, laminate, plastic and fibreboard surfaces. Designed with anti-vibration slots and noise reduction specifications, the demanding physical efforts of sawing will become a lot easier with our metal-cutting circular saw blades. Choose from material-specific blades or select a multi-material circle blade saw for best results over a range of surfaces.

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Find accessories the efficient way, with the new accessory advisor.

Circular saw blades for all materials

Bosch Professional Saw Blades are compact, powerful, and great for making quick and clean cuts. Indeed, circular saw blades are a must-have tool for anyone working with wood, laminates, chipboard and more. With the correct blade, circular saws can even be used with cement board and other harder types of material, such as steel and concrete. It’s all about combining the right power tools and suitable blades.

Choosing the right blade for your circular saw

Our range of high-quality industrial circular saw blades offer excellent durability and reliability even when used on very demanding applications. With different types of circular saw blades, each blade is designed to make your cuts as clean and easy as possible. For example, circular saw blades aluminium and steel, have extra hard MicroteQ teeth made with fine carbide grains. This enables clean cutting while maximizing lifetime and durability.

On the other hand, our Cleanteq coated circular saw blades for wood reduce adhesion and keep it cool, even during heavy use periods. Fibre cement circular saw blades use our new diamond technology (PCD) for teeth to guarantee a long life and high performance.

Bosch Professional Accessory range also includes circle blade saws for specific use with materials, such as laminate flooring, metal sandwich and solid surface composite. Bosch Circular Saw Blades are available in a variety of diameters to fit different types of cutting machines.

The benefits of Bosch cutting technology

Just like other saw blades in the Bosch range, our circular saw blades are designed using the latest technology. All Bosch brand new technologies ensure maximum cutting performance combined with durability and a long working life of all sawing accessories.

So, whether you are working with metal, wood, plastics, our high-quality and reliable circular saw blades offer the best cutting results, no matter what. Check out our range of circular saw blades and benefit from Bosch high performance accessories today.

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