Bosch Professional GAS 35 M AFC - not a lot of suction power

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Im doing a deal for one of these vacuumers 2nd hand. I'v brought it home to test, since seller says the suction power isnt all it should be. - I agree on that part. Have an older unit that is way more powerfull.

- There is no filter in right now that creates a blockage
- There is nothing blocking the hose (checked)
- The unit seems to be putting out more air from the exhaust that its sucking in where the hose is connected to the actual unit.
- From what I can see when taking off the top part containing the motor, there is nothing blocking the fan. I have not dismantled it totally though.

Has anyone had simular issues?

Only videos i can find on youtube about this kind of stuff are in russian which isnt really my area..