Bosch Professional Hand Tool Set!?!
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Hello all.
Thought I'd share an image from Pinterest that appeared in my inbox (see below). It's another creation of Bosch_PT_Fan's from the German forum. He said the kit isn't available to buy but is the result an assembly of Bosch bits he's managed to find from Asia. 
OK so I found a German company (bauhaus) selling the kit online (minus the hammer) for 199eu - that's about 180 British winkles. The hammer alone retails for 25.50eu - 23 British winkles.  Ratcheting combi spanner set 119eu (quite tempted by these!)
Compared to similar branded kit that's not actually that bad a price. The Gedore kits in an L-Boxx can cost up to 400 quid!
The same site also sells the plier set, screwdriver set, tape measure etc all seperately too. 
Nice little crimbo present for the Bosch fetishist ;)

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