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Hello; is there anyone who knows or has a wiring diagram for this tool? (Bosch RH540M SDS-MAX)

I received this unit with the problem of being 'stuck' or rather, not operating.
Opening it revelaed that the motor terminals wer taped off and the wiring had been taped, and worse, rewired in some confusing way, alongside having undersized motor brushes.

Running the unit with the proper brushes resulted in abnormally slow motor speed, excessive sparking, general overheating and other signs of distress.

In addition, the speed control does nothing, so it is assumed to be burnt out. The problem appears to be a burnt out rotor and possibly burned stator. Replacement parts have been ordered for these, but there are still issues.

The service manual/exploded view does not help much, as it is rather confusing and does not come with a proper electrical schematic diagram.

Key things that i need to know are:

- is it possible to bypass the speed control and run this unit's motor at full 120v AC without issues? (for motor testing purposes ONLY)

- is there a potential issue with reversing the live/hot and neutral power connections to this motor?

- is the hall effect sensor for the speed control for sensing the rotor position, or it only cares about the motor speed?

- is the attached wiring schematic really correct? Reversed/nonstandard wiring color schemes do not sit well with me, but I can only assume that this is what the service manual is telling me, connection-wise (and also, the wire from switch to motor on this unit is blue for some reason, not black)

Thanks for your help.

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