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TOOLS China Exhibition 2013
Date: May 9 th - 11 th ,2013
Venue: China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex(Area B)
Add: No.382, Mid of Yuejiang Road, Haizhu Distric, Guangzhou,Guangdong,China
Organized by:Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Services Co., Ltd

Boundless Opportunity of Chinese Market
China's economic strength is constantly increasing, with the heavy investment in some sectors like real estate, transportation, water resources and hydropower,ect, more and more business opportunities have been created for domestic and foreign tool enterprises. Furthermore, Chinese hand tools enterprises are mostly engaged in low-end products or OEM, while high-end products and brand products are still dominated by Europe and the United State.Actually, Chinese market need more high quality with new technique products to meet the demand. Therefore, it's the best opportunity for the international brands to enter into China.
As we all know,not only is China a huge market which gestates many business opportunities for international brands to explore, but it's indeed a global manufacturing base of the tool industry and one of the most important purchasing destinations for the world's buyers.
Introduction about TOOLS China2013
In order to build a perfect business platform for the global tool suppliers and buyers and let them exchange information freely, TOOLSChina emerges because of the demand. The Organizing Committee prepares 30000m2 with about 1500 booths for the exhibitors to showcase the latest products and display the new techniques. Famous brands, including MAKKITA,Hitachi,BOSCH,Metabo,Black&Decker,DEWALT,Dongcheng,Guoqiang,Anchor,Tianye and so on, are inviting to our show. It's no doubt that TOOLSChina 2013 will be the efficient sourcing platform for worldwide buyers.
The early bird catches the worm. Opportunity must not be lost, when no longer comes!So take action at once!
Exhibition Scope
Electric tool: electric drill, electric saw, chamfering machine, rasping machine, electric wrench, electric shears, electric hammer, abrasive finishing machine, filature, rotary sander, bench drill, etc.
Hand tool: raw, wrench, screwdriver, plier, scissors, knife, brush, hatchet, inflator, etc.
Air tool: pneumatic wrench, air nailer, pneumatic chipping hammer, pneumatic spade, air tamping machine, rust removal, air mixer, pneumatic sealer, etc.
Garden tool: Chain saw, mower, pruning shear, hedge shear, etc.
Others: hydraulic tool, agricultural and forestry tool, smart tool, abrasive tool, etc as well as tool box, tool holder, ladder and staging, labor protection appliance, etc.

Booth: (3m×3m=9/m2)
Standard Booth: 2,200USD/booth
Luxury Booth: 2,600USD/booth
Double opening Booth adds $ 100 per one
Raw Space: 220USD/m2
Rental area: The least rental area is 36㎡with no facility provided. Add additional management fees

Contact us:
Address: Room 2303-2305, the 4th Tower, Dong Jun Plaza, No.836 of
Dong Feng Dong Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China
Post Code: 510080
Tel: +86 20 29188163
Fax: +86 20 82579220
Contact:Sara Weng (Ms.)

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