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Information on combi drills from Bosch

We offer cordless combi drills in 12 V and 18 V versions. The tools from the 12 V class are part of our Professional 12V System and particularly impress users with their compact and convenient design, making them ideal for work in hard-to-reach areas. Our 18 V combi drills are part of our Professional 18V System and stand out not only thanks to their flexibility, but also their high power and robustness. This makes them ideal for applications in woodwork or for other difficult work.

The power of the tools from our 12 V class goes up to 35 Nm (for hard screwdriving applications). In the 18 V category, we offer different models, ranging from 21 Nm (hard screwdriving applications) to 150 Nm (maximum torque). Our KickBack Control is also included as standard with many of the cordless combi drills in the 18 V category.

Unlike conventional cordless screwdrivers, you can also use these tools for drilling in masonry because of their impact drilling function. We offer an extensive range of different drill bits for this purpose.

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