Extreme E

Extreme E

A hot ride through strom and sand
powered by Bosch Professional

Sand & Storm: Tools That Can

Extreme E is a new and spectacular motorsport series. Powered by Bosch Professional, the races prove that we make even the most extreme challenges easier.

Motorsport fans are used to roaring combustion engines and screeching wheels on blazing tarmac. But with the X Prix, that is likely to change.

Organised by Extreme E, the X Prix is the world’s first off-road series to race 100% electric SUVs in the most remote parts of the world. This year marks their inaugural season, taking nine teams to the ends of the earth to raise awareness for climate change.

What do the races all have in common? Extreme environmental conditions. And Bosch Professional tools.


Always ready for action despite tough conditions

“We work in some of the most aggressive environments in the world,” says Kester Wilkinson, the event manager of Extreme E. “We need tools that can cope with the sand and the dust in Saudi Arabia. In Greenland, it's cold, windy, and there's a lot of rain.” From deserts to glaciers, Extreme E needed professional power tools that could weather sand or storm. As official power tools supplier, Bosch Professional provide Extreme E a full range of tools to make their operations easier.

GCM sawing

No power grid, no problem

Of all the equipment provided by Bosch Professional, the cordless tools are the most valuable on site. “We need tools that are reliable and can be deployed really, really quickly,” says Wilkinson. “Most of the Bosch tools that we got are cordless, which means we can get them out of the boxes and use them straight away. The batteries are interchangeable so we can just pick up a battery from one tool and put it on another thing. It's super easy.”

Easy mobility for the next race

Molly Taylor won the first X Prix in Saudi Arabia. But everyone already has the next race in mind. After the race, the Extreme E crew has to pack up 50 containers worth of equipment, charge up the tools, and start planning for the next destination. “On Sunday night, we need to break this all down, put it back onto the ship, and go to Senegal,” says Wilkinson. “Having tools that we know we can get out in Senegal in more than a month's time, is absolutely essential.”

“We’re delighted we got Bosch Professional tools to help us do that.”

Kester Wilkinson, Event manager of Extreme E.

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