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Hand Tool Sets
Hand Tool Sets

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Professional knife set
Professional knife set

A folding knife that is flexible and easy to operate, combined with a durable, handy and ergonomic cutter knife.

  • Scope of delivery: 1x folding knife, 1x cutter knife
  • Part no.: 1.600.A01.6BM
£22.80 RRP exc. VAT

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Professional pliers set
Professional pliers set

Thanks to the optimum leverage effect, up to 30% less physical exertion is needed. The pliers also feature a soft grip and anti-slip edges to ensure they can be used safely.

  • Scope of delivery: 1x needlenose pliers 200 mm, 1x diagonal pliers 160 mm, 1x combination pliers 180 mm
  • Part no.: 1.600.A01.6BG
£36.10 RRP exc. VAT

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Professional screwdriver set
Professional screwdriver set

These screwdrivers are extremely robust on account of their metal shaft and metallic striking cap, yet their soft grip also makes them particularly ergonomic. The hexagon head socket for open-ended and ratchet spanners allows for greater transfer of torque.

  • Scope of delivery: PH2 x 125 mm, PH1 x 100 mm, SL6.5 x 125 mm, SL5.5 x 100 mm, SL4.5 x 100 mm, SL3.5 x 75 mm
  • Part no.: 1.600.A01.6BF
£31.35 RRP exc. VAT

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Professional open-ended/ratchet spanner set
Professional open-ended/ratchet spanner set

Can be used for a variety of applications thanks to the combination of open-ended and ratchet spanner functionality in a single product. The particularly small angled tool head facilitates work in confined spaces, while the bi-hexagonal ring ensures precision and prevents slipping.

  • Scope of delivery: 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 mm
  • Part no.: 1.600.A01.6BU
£95.00 RRP exc.VAT

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Professional spirit levels
Professional spirit level

These spirit levels have a unique additional viewing window on the front end. This allows vertical measurements to easily be read off from the front. They are made from aluminium and have additional shock-absorbing end caps for extreme robustness and durability. The 25 cm model also features a magnetic front end.

  • 25 cm model:
    • Length x width x height: 254 x 27 x 50 mm
    • Part no.: 1.600.A01.6BN
£22.80 RRP exc. VAT
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  • 60 cm model:
    • Length x width x height: 633 x 37 x 65 mm
    • Part no.: 1.600.A01.6BP
£39.90 RRP exc. VAT
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  • 120 cm model:
    • Length x width x height: 1233 x 37 x 65 mm
    • Part no.: 1.600.A01.6BR
£67.45 RRP exc. VAT
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Allen Keys
Professional Allen Keys

  • Hex Key Set:
    • LieferumfangWinkelschlüssel Set HEX (1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm)
    • Part no.: 1600A01TH5
£19.00 RRP exc. VAT
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  • Torx Key Set:
    • Lieferumfang: Winkelschlüssel Set TORX (10, 15, 20, 25, 27, 30, 40, 45, 50mm)
    • Part no.: 1600A01TH4
£19.00 RRP exc. VAT
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Professional tape measure 5 m
Professional tape measure 5m

Measuring longer distances is simple thanks to the strong hook that sticks to metallic surfaces. A robust 27 mm-wide nylon tape that can extend up to 2.7 m without bending. The measuring tape is labelled on both sides to ensure that the measurement can be read off precisely from all angles.

  • Length x width x height: 79 x 43 x 77 mm
  • Part no.: 1.600.A01.6BH
£17.58 RRP exc. VAT

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Professional hammer 500 g
Professional hammer 500 g

The shaft and head of the hammer are manufactured from a single cast, which prevents the head from coming loose from the shaft. Additionally, the handle reduces vibrations on account of its soft grip, allowing for longer and more controlled work.

  • Length x width x height: 324 x 118 x 27 mm
  • Part no.: 1.600.A01.6BT
£20.90 RRP exc. VAT

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Hand Tool Sets
Professional Hand Tool Sets

The 16-piece hand tool set provides a selection of the most important hand tools for everyday use. The 40-piece hand tool set is our "large" set that provides you with a comprehensive range of tools for a wide variety of applications.

  • 16pc. Hand Tool Set
    • Scope of delivery: 2x screwdrivers, 2x pliers, 1x measuring tape, 1x knife + 10x replacement blades
    • Packaging: 1x bag
    • Part no.: 1.600.A01.6BV
£77.90 RRP exc. VAT
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  • 40pc. Hand Tool Set
    • Scope of delivery: 6x screwdrivers, 3x pliers, 1x measuring tape, 1x knife + 10x replacement blades, 1x spirit level (25 cm), 9x Torx keys, 9x hex keys
    • Packaging: 1x L-case size 119
    • Part no.: 1.600.A01.6BW
£161.50 RRP exc. VAT
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