With more kits than ever before, choose from the range and join the 18V Kit Revolution today!

Ready with inter-compatible batteries and chargers, have everything you need for the job in one bag.

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The 18V Kit Revolution

Professionals! Fulfill the dream of a cordless jobsite with Bosch.

Ready with inter-compatible batteries and chargers, have everything you need for the job in one bag. Choose from our range of 2 piece Twin Packs and 4, 6 or 8 piece Combo Kits with the ability to expand your range to other 18V Bosch Professional tools.

It's time to go cordless.

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Everything in one place.

Choose from L-BOXX Twin Packs and LBAG+ Combo Kits to easily transport all your tools, batteries and chargers and make a saving by buying them together.

Select based on your needs with our specialised Light, Dynamic and Robustseries kits.

Join the 18V Kit Revolution!
By Case


All 18V Twin Packs come in a medium L-BOXX 136 with the classic features:

  • Durable, lightweight outer case
  • Robust top handle
  • Improved 1-click stack mechanism to easily connect and separate other L-BOXXs



Our 4, 6 and 8 piece 18V Combo Kits come in an LBAG+, our large Bosch Professional carry bags featuring:

  • Classic durable construction
  • Various outer pockets for assorted tools and accessoriy organisation
  • Reinforced shoulder strap for support and extra though carry handles
  • A wide top opening and easy access zip design for on-the-go use

By Series


Tools in our Lightseries kits are ideal for work that requires light weight and fast performance in a compact form.

We recommend these kits for ceiling and kitchen installation or construction when frequently holding tools above you for long periods.



Dynamicseries tools combine compact and light weight with high performance under longer-term applications.

These tools are great for a wide variety of mixed applications. We recommend these kits for when you need reliable and consistent results every day.



For heavy duty work, our Robustseries kits have tools which are optimised for tougher applications.

These kits are designed for heavy duty work, providing durability and thoughness. We recommend these for those working with heavy materials on tougher jobs.

Other features


Taking power to a whole new dimension, the new ProCORE18V batteries allow you to work your tools harder with the latest cell technology and superior heat management.

Our ProCORE18V kits contain the new batteries in 4.0 Ah, 8.0 Ah or both depending on your preference.

Brushless Motor

Our brushless EC motors generate up to 100% longer lifetime, up to 30% more runtime per battery charge and the best power-weight ratio its class.

It works with deducting brush sparking during electrical switches, pick a Brushless Mototr Kits with tools that can benefit from a longer lifetime.

Connected/Connected Ready

Our Connected (built-in connectivity) and Connected Ready (plug-in connectivity with our connected CGY module) tools can be configured based on your individual needs.

Look for this in our kits to upgrade your tools and experience a new way of working.

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