Bosch Professional will change the product name of 10.8V power tools, batteries and chargers to 12V. Therefore the full 10.8V Bosch Professional assortment will be changed successively to 12V as of January 2017.

The ’12’ in the tool name represents the maximum battery voltage of 12 Volt and replaces the current product name with 10.8 Volt which stands for the average battery voltage. In North America the 12V product name is already implemented by Bosch Professional. Also other players in the market follow the 12V tool labelling globally. To ensure a better guidance as well as a better comparability for our users, Bosch Professional adapts to the 12V product name worldwide beginning from January 2017 onwards.

All Bosch Professional 12V tools are 100% compatible with all current (10.8V) Bosch Professional power tools, batteries and chargers. Thus all 10.8V and 12V tools can be further used within the same voltage class system.

Changes to product names

The changeover from 10.8 Volt to 12 Volt will result in the following changes to Bosch Professional product names:

10,8V Name  New 12V Name 
GSA 10,8 V-LI GSA 12V-14
GKS 10,8 V-LI GKS 12V-26
GWB 10,8 V-LI GWB 12V-10
GOP 10,8 V-LI GOP 12V-LI
GWS 10,8-76 V-EC GWS 12V-76
GML 10,8 V-LI GPB 12V-10
GSR 10,8-2-LI GSR 12V-15
GSR 10,8 V-EC GSR 12V-20
GSR 10,8 V-EC HX GSR 12V-20 HX
GSR 10,8 V-EC TE GTB 12V-11
GLI PowerLED GLI 12V-80
GST 10,8 V-LI GST 12V-70
GRO 10,8 V-LI GRO 12V-35
GAS 10,8 V-LI GAS 12V
GUS 10,8 V-LI GUS 12V-300
GLI DeciLED GLI 12V-330
GSB 10,8-2-LI GSB 12V-15
GDR 10,8-LI GDR 12V-105
GWI 10,8 V-LI GWI 12V-5
GDR 10,8 V-EC GDR 12V-110
GDS 10,8 V-EC GDS 12V-115
GSC 10,8 V-LI GSC 12V-13
AL 1130CV GAL 1230 CV
AL 1115CV GAL 1215 CV
GBA 10,8V 1,5Ah O-A GBA 12V 1.5Ah
GBA 10,8V 2,0Ah O-B GBA 12V 2.0Ah
GBA 10,8V 2,5Ah O-B GBA 12V 2.5Ah
GBA 10,8V 2,5 OW-B GBA 12V 2.5Ah W
GBA 10,8V 4,0Ah O-B GBA 12V 4.0Ah
Heat+ Jacket 10,8 (W) GHJ 12+18V Women
Heat+ Jacket 10,8 (M) GHJ 12+18V Men
GAA 10,8 V GAA 12V

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