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Find accessories the efficient way, with the new accessory advisor.

Find the right multitool saw blades for your project

An oscillating multitool saw is an extremely versatile piece of equipment to have on hand at a jobsite or workshop. It allows you to cut a range of materials – from metal and plastic to wood, as well as using our multi tool blades for brick. But to benefit from smooth, clean cuts, it is essential to have the right blades for multitool. Bosch Professional Accessories offers a wide selection of high-quality multitool saw blades for both home and professional projects. Discover the range for yourself and find the perfect blade for your multitool today.

Precise cutting with EXPERT multitool saw blades

EXPERT multitool saw blades from Bosch Professional Accessories feature our revolutionary Carbide Technology for extreme durability and longevity. An extra coating on the blade serves to enhance the carbide further, meaning it can cut through materials quickly and with ease. Our EXPERT multi saw blades are built to last and offer a great lifespan. Discover our Starlock Multitool blades , StarlockMax, and Starlock Plus mounts for maximum power transfer, blade changes can be done conveniently in just three seconds.

Our EXPERT MetalMax saw blade is the ideal choice when a clean flush cut is required. The flat edge design is perfect for cutting across a flat surface and ensures for less skidding on screws, even when cutting hard metal. EXPERT MultiMax blades, on the other hand, feature innovative Bosch Curved-Tec and a thin carbide blade. Quickly perform neat, plunging cuts even in tougher materials, such as red brick, carbon fibre, and sheet metals. EXPERT blades are available to purchase as single blades and as part of a 5- or 10-piece pack.

Discover multi-purpose saw blades for plunge, wide, or fast cuts

The range of blades for multitool from Bosch Professional Accessories includes a broad assortment of blades for wide, extra deep, fast, and plunge cuts so you can find the right blade for your upcoming project. We offer blades with larger diameters (up to 100mm) for increased usage, pointed blade ends for cutting into tight corners, and varied serration features for diverse cutting applications. Whether you need a flat blade design for controlled cuts to reduce wobbling, or segment saw blades for fast, burn-free cutting, or tile cutter blades, browse our complete catalogue of multitool saw blades on our website today.