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Find multitool blades the efficient way, with the new Accessory Advisor.
Find multitool blades the efficient way, with the new Accessory Advisor.

Tile cutter blades from Bosch

Tile cutter blades and their associated accessories make fitting and adjusting tiling jobs quick, simple, and accurate. Suitable for ceramic tiles and for mortar, as well as fibre board, drywall, and aerated concrete, these practical consumables are also well suited to a broad range of different construction applications and are compatible with a range of oscillating multitools.

Durable tiling blades for plunge, straight, and router cuts

Tiling kitchens, bathrooms, and similar areas requires precision cutting, as well as the careful routing of tiles, and the application or removal of grout to ensure they are correctly fitted, waterproof, and aesthetically pleasing. Bosch Professional tiling blades and tile grinding discs offer all this and more, with multi-function accessories and tools designed for a broad range of tiling applications.

Featuring high durability, Bosch cutting discs for tiles are available in a range of sizes, and with a range of cutting media to ensure the superior cutting and routing of tiles. Additionally, a range of profiles and a variety of shapes ensure that our tiling blades are suitable for plunge, straight, and router cuts, as well as for the removal of grout.

Bosch Diamond Technology & Starlock for ultimate control

This means an extremely durable blade that eliminates wobble and improves both the speed and accuracy of your tile cuts. Starlock multi tool blades for tiles also means that swapping different types of blades and tile grinding discs is fast and convenient— with increased efficiency during large jobs with a 3-second swap time.

For those tile cutting wheels that don’t feature Bosch Diamond Technology for multitool accessories, durability and wear resistance are assured with superior carbides in a range of grits for a variety of applications. Suitable for cutting and the removal of grout, Curved-Tec feature ensures reduced kickback, while Pointed segment saw blades help to improve precision and allow you to access corners in tight spaces.

Browse the Bosch Professional range of tile cutter blades and grouting discs to find the perfect accessories for your oscillating multitools. Whatever your tiling application, our catalogue has everything you need and more for your multitool.

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