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GPB 18V-2 C Professional


Flexible and handy: portable radio that rocks every jobsite

  • Versatility thanks to wide range of compatible sources, including Bluetooth®, FM, and AUX
  • Features intuitive operation and quick setup in combination with a handle and hook for vertical and horizontal placement
  • Unique stereo sound due to the possibility to couple two radios with one smartphone
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Functions & key features

IP54 dust and splash water protection
USB charger
 Connection of two radios for powerful stereo sound- TWS

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in cardboard box 0 601 4A3 070
£127.55 Including VAT

GPB 18V-2 C Professional

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Part Number: 0 601 4A3 070


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Technical data

The most important data

Radio frequency range FM 87.5 – 108 MHz
Station presets FM 8
Input voltage(s), battery 18 V
Station presets 8
Input voltage(s), mains 100 – 240 V
Output voltage(s), mains 18 V
Weight excl. battery* 2.5 kg
Rated power of amplifier (in mains operation)* 15 W

GPB 18V-2 C Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

The GPB 18V-2 C Professional is the flexible and portable solution to fill the air of any working environment with music and sound via Bluetooth®. Compatible with a wide range of sources, including Bluetooth®, FM, and AUX, this set is as versatile as the art of music itself. It is powered via 18 V batteries or main AC and provides intuitive operation, quick setup, USB charging and IP 54 protection. It can be placed vertically as well as horizontally and it has both a handle and a hook for easy transportation and storage, further favoured by the radio’s compactness.The possibility of coupling two radios with one smartphone facilitates unique stereo sound.

Equipment & Application

This unit is ideal for providing jobsites with radio entertainment as well as smartphone-sourced music.It is compatible with Bosch Professional 18 V batteries (1.5 - 8 Ah).

Additional Information

The GPB 18V-2 C Professional´s two speakers with a total of 15 W make for splendid sound, while additional passive radiators provide enhanced bass response.

* You can find more information about the deviations in the following link: Technical features of products