Hand sanding accessories for smooth finishes on rough surfaces. When it comes to manual sanding, your accessories need to be strong, moisture-resistant and durable. We designed all our sandpaper sheets, sanding blocks and sanding sponges with tear-resistant properties to reduce the time and hassle for sanding tasks. And since Bosch sandpaper is so durable, you won’t waste money replacing your old sheets so often. Select a sandpaper that suits your specific needs or pick a multi-use accessory for less strenuous sanding on a variety of materials, such as steel, painted wood and hardwood.

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Find sanding sheets the efficient way, with the new Accessory Advisor.
Find sanding sheets the efficient way, with the new Accessory Advisor.

Hand sanding made easy with Bosch Professional Accessories sanding blocks

Sanding blocks make hand sanding easier and more efficient by applying even pressure across the surface of the area being sanded. Bosch Professional Accessories offers a range of sanding sponges and blocks for exceptional flexibility when it comes to all hand-sanding projects. Due to their high level of mouldability, sponge sanding blocks are particularly easy to work with and can last up to five times longer than sandpaper. Not only are they more affordable than an electric sander, their size and pliable shape make them perfect for sanding tight or irregular shaped spaces.

EXPERT Flex, Standard, and Combi sanding sponges

The EXPERT range of sanding blocks from Bosch Professional Accessories includes Flex Pads, as well as Standard and Combi Blocks for efficient and precise hand sanding. Whether restoring furniture or preparing a surface for painting, our EXPERT sponge sanding blocks are a practical solution for home and professional sanding projects. As far as EXPERT Bosch Accessories cover a large range of sanding papers, we have created a specific category for Orbital Sanders.

They are designed with innovative and durable Bosch Surface Structure for strong and flexible bonding. The sponge block moulds into hard-to-reach areas and applies even pressure for smooth and unblemished results. Curved or flat – the sponge can manoeuvre its way around projects of all shapes and sizes. The pointed edge of our EXPERT Combi Blocks in particular, are ideal for sanding in corners and tight angles. The foam material is easy to dust off, avoiding clogging and extending the lifespan of the sponge. It is also tear-resistant and returns to its original shape, even after longer periods of use. Available in various grades including, fine, medium, medium/fine/superfine, and super fine, our solvent-free sanding sponge pads offer both flexibility and precision for your next sanding project.

One sanding block – multiple possibilities

For even greater versatility, Bosch hand-sanding blocks are designed with two different sides. Choose between a harder and softer edge. Our hand-sanding block is a versatile choice for multi-material projects and is particularly suitable as a sanding block for painted wood, as well as hard and soft wood. Additionally, this sanding block uses a hook-and-loop fastening system, which secures all standard sanding sheets and sanding roll sections to the block. This reduces waste and ensures for maximum usage of the paper. Browse the full range of sanding sponges and blocks from Bosch Professional Accessories and find the right tool for your sanding project today.

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