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Information on jigsaws from Bosch

The tools in the jigsaw range have between 650 W and 800 W power. Bosch also offers cordless jigsaws in the 12 V and 18 V categories. All of the jigsaws have a pendulum stroke, adjustable speed and a dust extraction attachment. In addition, the saw blades can be changed without tools (SDS system).

Virtually all of the models are offered in two different designs: Either with a barrel grip handle for maximum control while cutting (including from below) or with a bow handle.

All jigsaws can be fitted with an anti-splinter guard to ensure a clean working environment and tear-free cuts. If you would like to make tear-free cuts with accurate angles, you should choose the GST 160 CE/GST 160 BCE jigsaws. These tools have an extremely precise double roll guide for the jigsaw blade so that cuts remain aligned. The pendulum stroke should also be set to level 0 and you should use a jigsaw blade for making accurate cuts (T 308 BFP, T 308 BF, T 308 BOF).

Fitting a guide rail adapter (FSN SA) also enables some of the jigsaws to be used on our guide rail system.

Bosch offers an extensive jigsaw blade range for these saws, allowing you to machine materials such as wood, hardwood, metals, plastics, sandwich materials and insulation materials.