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The Bosch thermal trio

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Using our thermal imaging cameras and infrared thermometer, you can uncover potential weak points with no unnecessary hassle. All it takes is a simple, intuitively operated process that requires no contact with the object being measured. Thanks to digital linking, you can also offer your customers direct insights and precise documentation via the Bosch ThermalOn – providing a transparent basis for quotes or any other necessary steps. Thanks to this, paperwork has become a thing of the past.

The GTC 400 C Professional and GTC 600 C Professional thermal imaging cameras offer you a precise overview of differences in temperature, which are presented in an easily understandable manner via a colour-coded representation. They are perfectly complemented by the free GTC Transfer Software, which allows you to edit and document thermal images in greater detail.

The GIS 1000 C Professional infrared thermometer measures selected areas precisely and provides you with additional information on aspects such as relative humidity and ambient temperature.

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Discover the world of Bosch thermal imaging cameras and infrared thermometers and how you can make your daily work quicker and easier.
Through intelligent linking with your smartphone or tablet, you'll have all the important measurement data and images to hand whenever you need them.

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Find out more about the many potential applications of the thermal measuring tools from Bosch Professional

The Bosch thermal trio ensures that you maintain a thorough overview in any situation, and that you can correctly identify problems and draw appropriate conclusions. Whether used in electrical installation, plumbing, heating and air conditioning technology, window construction and interior finishing work or vehicle repair:

The combination of the GIS 1000 C Professional infrared thermometer with the GTC thermal imaging cameras makes for an unbeatable team.

Thanks to intuitive and user-friendly operation, you will be able to work even more efficiently and save time, money and energy in the process. You could almost say that customer satisfaction is included in the scope of delivery!

Identify where measures may need to be taken in good time – with the Bosch temperature measuring tools

Expert tools for optimal problem diagnosis in everyday electrical work: The temperature measuring tools from Bosch visualise electrical systems in a way that makes it easy to understand where electricity is flowing or if a fault is present. A precautionary inspection of systems can therefore be carried out from a safe distance, minimising potential hazards such as burns from overheated components.

In short: They allow professionals to work safely, swiftly and efficiently.

In this respect, our temperature measuring tools support you in the following:

  • Monitoring of fuse boxes
  • Inspection of cable connections
  • Inspection of electrical components

‌Plumbing, heating
and air conditioning technology
Simply see more in ‌plumbing, heating and air conditioning technology – with the Bosch temperature measuring tools

There are times when there's no time to lose in determining a problem: Is there a leak? Is the power unevenly distributed? Or could it be a valve that's no longer closing properly? For both installation and maintenance work, you can use the Bosch temperature measuring tools to quickly determine whether a system is functioning as required or if and where problems are present. You can obtain precise and reliable results with no need for costly and time-consuming searching.

In this respect, our temperature measuring tools support you in the following:

  • Inspection of underfloor heating and pipe routing
  • Locating of heating pipes and leaks
  • Examination of radiators
  • Monitoring of air conditioning systems

Window construction
Increase energy efficiency – with the Bosch temperature measuring tools

Window construction can be time-consuming and expensive. So it's a good thing to be able to demonstrate the necessity of such measures to customers in the blink of an eye. Our temperature measuring tools let you and your customers glimpse behind the scenes, since they make insulation faults, thermal bridges and areas that are not leak-tight easily visible. This way, you can locate weak points in windows, doors and shutter box housings in a fast and targeted manner.

In this respect, our temperature measuring tools support you in the following:

  • Locating of insulation faults and thermal bridges
  • Locating of areas with penetrating water or that are not leak-tight
  • Recording of before and after comparisons for customers

Interior finishing work
An ideal overview and clear documentation – with the Bosch thermal measuring tools

See more – work more efficiently: When it comes to this, our thermal measuring tools are your perfect all-round assistants. In just a few simple steps, you can uncover energy losses or weak points on buildings – and rectify these issues in good time, or even prevent problems from occurring in the first place. No matter where you make use of the temperature measuring tools: The results are reliably documented and allow you to create practical before and after comparisons for your customers.

In this respect, our thermal measuring tools support you in the following:

  • Drywall construction (e.g. locating of pipes to prevent them from being drilled into)
  • Painting and plastering work (e.g. locating damp areas on walls)
  • Renovation and maintenance (e.g. pointing out energy losses and identification of where there is a need for insulation)
  • The property market (e.g. creating easy-to-understand documentation)

Quickly uncover potential faults – with the Bosch thermal measuring tools

As an experienced vehicle mechanic, you'll no doubt be able to recognise a number of problems at first glance. For all other cases, our thermal measuring tools can help you find the answer. Regardless of whether it concerns electronics, heating functions, cooling systems or exhaust systems, most workshop tasks either involve verifying that things work as intended or establishing if and where faults are present.

When it comes to visualising things such as problems and/or successful repairs, our GTC models make this both quick and easy. This not only helps you in consultations with your customers, but also in the event that any complaints are made.

In this respect, our temperature measuring tools support you in the following:

  • Inspection of front and rear window pane heating
  • Monitoring of seat heating
  • Checking of air conditioning systems
  • Monitoring of vehicle fuse boxes
  • Inspection of the engine compartment
  • Examination of the exhaust system
  • Checking of the coolant cycle

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