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The SDS max-8x
Bosch’s full carbide 4-cutter head for reinforced concrete

Made for toughest drilling challenges

It takes an outstanding accessory to deliver the best results.

When it comes to serial drilling into reinforced concrete, not every drill bit is up for the challenge. Others break and overheat - the SDS max-8x provides an exceptional robustness and outstanding performance. Even under the toughest of conditions.

Equipped with a full carbide 4-cutter head, the SDS max–8x is extremely stress and heat resistant, allowing to drill through reinforced concrete.

Experience the robustness of the SDS max-8x.
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Full carbide 4-cutter head for drilling in reinforced concrete.

    Full carbide 4-cutter head for drilling in reinforced concrete.

    Outstanding durability
    Outstanding durability Full carbide 4-cutter head for exceptional performance and resistance in reinforced concrete.
    Extremely high stress and heat resistance
    Extremely high stress and heat resistance Strong and long lasting welded bonding between the steel body and the full carbide head of the drill bit.
    Exclusive Range

    Only Bosch offers you a full carbide 4-cutter head range up to 32 mm.

    Range Overview

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