GNB 18V-38

Our first 18V nailer for concrete and steel – now part of our Professional 18V System.
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Fast and powerful

Faster, easier and extremely satisfying. Our system consisting of concrete nailer GNB 18V-38 Professional and strong nails help you fasten steel tracks on concrete and steel in one swift and powerful motion. Now you no longer have to manually pre-drill holes and affix tracks using anchors and screws. The nailer is part of the high-performance 18V BITURBO Brushless series.

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Peace of mind

The standard magazine of 22 nails is compatible with all Bosch Professional nails NB, NM and NK in lengths of 13 to 38 mm. With just one charge of the recommended ProCORE18V 4.0 Ah battery, the GNB 18V-38 Professional can fasten over 500 nails. Our nails are either certified according to the European Technical Assessment procedure (ETA/CE) or the American ICC certification for ultimate peace-of-mind.

Insert Catridge in GNB

Efficient, user-friendly design

The GNB 18V-38 Professional is a high-performance cordless nailer that works without a gas cartridge, so you can set-up quickly and lower costs. For your protection, the nailer can only be triggered when the nose is pressed firmly against the material. To fasten the next nail, the nose must be lifted briefly. If a nail jams, you can easily remove the nail by using the push-out pin.

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    Precise depth control
    Illuminates dark workspaces
    Protects tool when nail magazine is empty
    Standard magazine fits 22 nails of 13-38 mm in length
    Innovative and robust air-spring
    Convenient control panel for battery status, troubleshooting, and tool reset
    Easy storage for in-between use
    Certified Nails
    Certified Nails

    Our nails are galvanised and hardened steel nails, and officially certified by established regulatory bodies. This means you can depend on the declared load capacity.

    European ETA/CE certification: Bosch Professional concrete nails NB-25, NB-32, and NB-38 (the most commonly used nails)

    American ICC certification: All Bosch Professional nails for concrete and steel.

    Certified Nails
    Certified Nails
    Types of nails

    We offer nails in various lengths so you can easily adjust for different materials, e.g. longer nails for thicker attachments. All nails are available in strips of ten, with 1,000 nails per box.

    (Reinforced-) Concrete:

    - Nail strips in blue color
    - Available in lengths ranging from 16 to 38 mm

    Metal, Steel:

    - Nail stips in blue color
    - Available in lengths ranging from 13 to 19 mm

    Certified Nails

    To ensure the quality and durability of our galvanised carbon steel nails, we offer nails with the following certifications:

    See ETA certifications

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