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Hello all.
With the ProCore battery range out now or coming soon, surely it won't be long before we see a 1/4" cordless 18V router from Bosch?

If you can't wait, here's something I've been using for a year or so now as a Bosch 18V router.
It's a GGS 18V die grinder - itself a great tool. Very smooth gearbox.
It only comes with a 6mm collet so you'll have to seek out a 1.4" collet for it (part no. 2608570140).
You'll have to get a locking nut for the collet too as once in place on a collet, these things do not want to shift! (locking nut part no. 2608570141).
The collar of the gearbox housing on the GGS happens to fit quite well in the old Bosch POF 52/500 router plunge base. These regularly appear on eBay for between 15 - 30 squids. Although the GGS will fit in, I found for an extra snug fit and a couple more mm depth of plunge, I had to grind a chamfer around the inside, upper edge of the POF 52 plunge base. You'll see what I mean if you put the 2 together yourself.
That's it really. There are some extra shown in my video but there's not much more to it.
It has adequate power for edge trimming. I used a fairly large round over bit in the vid. I've also used it for rebates, lock mortices, all sorts of small bits really. Obviously it won't have the grunt of a corded 1000w+ 1/4" router but this hack is about flexibility.
Bit of a head turner on site. Half the people think I'm mad, the other half ask where I bought it!
Have to give credit to Bosch_PT_Fan/HIGW65 from the German forum for the idea.
Any questions, feel free.